Marie-Sophie Lacarrau (JT 13H) to the angels: she reveals paradisiacal shots of her vacation!

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau seems to be enjoying her vacation. Indeed, the presenter of the 1 p.m. news from the TF1 channel is entitled to her annual leave. She therefore decides to share her dream vacation with her subscribers. There is something to envy. We’ll explaine everything here.

A holiday in the sun

Like many other television personalities, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau takes advantage of her annual summer vacation to go enjoy a little. After a very eventful year, in particular by the rare disease from which she suffered, the presenter decides to take a break. So, for the holidays, it’s heading for countries where the weather is nice. Since last Wednesday Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has shown on her Instagram the place abroad with which she has settled.

It is also surrounded by her family that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau intends to enjoy her vacation. For this, she left with her small troop for Brazil and Argentina. It is therefore accompanied by her husband Pierre Bascoul and their two boys Malo and Tim aged 19 and 14 that she took the plane. And Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s official replacement quickly showed her destination on her Instagram profile. Thus, we can see dream landscapes including Rio in Brazil or the Iguazúou Falls, a beach with a sunset. In legend Marie-Sophie Lacarrau inscribed “Holidays with view(s)#familyholidays #dreamholidays #summerholidays”.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau makes you dream

From her post on Instagram, Internet users seemed delighted for her and her family, although a little envious. So we can find comments like “enjoy“, “Rio! Enjoy !!! », « But you are in the footsteps of James Bond #Moonraker 1979, some scenes of which were shot in Brazil in Rio and Iguazu », « Good holidays, Sleep well“, “Happy heavenly holidays”. I have to say that the photos posted by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau make you dream !

A difficult year

However, it was a year that seemed very difficult for Marie-Sophie Lacarrau. Indeed, the presenter had to put herself stopped for a while because of his health. This is why we did not find him every lunchtime as initially planned. She has indeed contracted a rare and severe disease according to her statements to the right eye. So it completely prevented her from exposing herself to too much light. Thus film sets were unthinkable for her. She had to stay closed in dark places for a while. The disease is called amoebic keratitis. It is caused by contact with bacteria that have attacked his cornea.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau confided in the ordeal she had to live. She thus confided to Yann Barthès in the Quotidien program that “It is very painful. You feel like you have gravel or pieces of glass in your eye. It scratches constantly and it causes pain that back in the head and which descend into the teeth. The specialist who followed me used to say that certain pains can go as far as 40 times that of a toothache. We don’t ask questions, we wait for things to get better”. Fortunately, for the moment she is better and seems to be enjoying her dream vacation!

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Marie-Sophie Lacarrau (JT 13H) to the angels: she reveals paradisiacal shots of her vacation!

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