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Clairvoyance is a practice of using certain gifts as well as tools and techniques to learn more about the future. Before the internet and modern communication methods, consultations were mainly face-to-face. Today, with the web, you just need to have a device (PC, mobile or tablet) and connect to benefit from the services of an online clairvoyant. For some time now, we have noticed a growing enthusiasm for online clairvoyance. How to explain it?

Clairvoyance: predictions about the future

What is called clairvoyance is a set of techniques and practices allowingknow more about a person’s future. For many of us, clairvoyance is an attractive service that helps prepare us for what the future holds. Without predicting the future in an absolutely clear way, clairvoyance allows access to bits of information and energies which then help to make decisions.

Seers are people who have gifts and/or hypersensitivity to subtle energies. They are able to draw information from places otherwise inaccessible to most people. If clairvoyance leaves many people skeptical, those who have tried it and found reliable clairvoyants are convinced of its authenticity.

How does a session usually go? It all depends on the indicator as well as the techniques and tools used. Some can use accessories, such as the famous crystal ball, the dowsing pendulum, runes or even divination cards. Other people do not need tools and can directly “read” a person’s future by connecting to its energy. We then speak of clairvoyance or pure mediumship.

To make it easier for the psychic to connect with the person, the person usually gives their date of birth and name. Customers can then ask different questions in one or more areas that interest them. They generally revolve around sentimental, professional, financial or spiritual life. Professional clairvoyants avoid talking about health issues. Clients can go to a psychic or a medium to get in touch with the spirit of a deceased loved one or a person who is still very much alive. The indicator communicates with send messages concerning the person who consults or his entourage.

The benefits of online clairvoyance

Some online clairvoyance sites, such as Hello Megane, offer several clairvoyance services. Consultations with a professional can be done by phone, chat or email. These sites also offer various oracles or the drawing of cards, with the divinatory tarot for example. With the covid-19 pandemic, customers are more inclined to consult remotely. The prices of dematerialized consultations are more affordable and these can also be carried out at the time, on the date and at the place most convenient for the client. In summary, online clairvoyance is more convenient, cheaper and more accessible.

It is also preferable for people wishing to maintain their anonymity. It is not always easy to admit to those close to you that you consult a psychic for his future. This decision is not always understood and can even trigger tensions.

Being able to consult according to one’s own desires and without involving others is very valuable. In addition, online clairvoyance sites give you access to many profiles of clairvoyants. You are thus assured of always having someone available with whom you can carry out the consultation. The most serious sites let customers rate the performance of the professionals who work there. feel free to view reviews before making your choice.

The different online clairvoyance services

The world of clairvoyance and divination is very wide. There exists a multitude of ways to read the future. Some of them are available on online clairvoyance sites.

pure mediumship

A so-called pure medium or seer does not need support to connect with his client and learn more about his future. This person is relatively sensitive to be able to directly read in the other and detect important information about him. This type of consultation can be done by audio call, by chat and even by email. The seer will sometimes need a photo, to see the person or simply to know their name and date of birth. The latter refines her request by asking one or more questions to which the clairvoyance professional will answer according to the elements that come to her.

Clairvoyance by cards

For this type of consultation called cartomancy, the clairvoyance professional uses cards to communicate messages. It can be classic point cards or cartomancy. Clairvoyants can also use specific decks of cards, called oracles. It is for example the tarot of Marseilles or the oracles of Belline or Miss Lenormand. These cards are enriched with symbols and illustrations for easy reading.

The divinatory tarot uses a specific deck of cards. Each of the cards, also called blades, has its own meaning and comes with particular strengths and weaknesses. If the Tarot de Marseille was the norm for a very long time, today there is a multitude of tarot decks. One can for example use the tarot of the angels or the Egyptian tarot. Clairvoyance by cards is usually done by video call so that the person consulting can see the cards. In some cases, it can also be done via text, chat or email. The prints are then shared as an attachment.

Clairvoyance by numbers

Numerology is a form of fortune telling that assigns special meaning to numbers. During this type of consultation, the clairvoyance professional defines your life number, most often from your date of birth.

The number then obtained allows you to complete your life path or the road that it is advisable to take to achieve fulfillment. This number indicates the mission you have to accomplish in this life and the qualities that will help you achieve it. The 5 is for example the path of freedom and change, while the 8 is that of power and material goods. The online numerology consultation allows you to find out more about what you are supposed to do with your life so that you no longer feel lost and move towards your destiny.

numerology clairvoyance


We all know astrology, it is a way of reading the past, present and future based on the position of certain stars in the sky at a given moment. During an online astrological consultation, your seer uses your birth chart and the configuration of the celestial bodies in the sky to make predictions for you.

The analysis of the birth chart is particularly interesting for people who wish to learn more about their personality. It is not a fixed table, because most people evolve, for good or bad, in relation to their horoscope. This is an amazing base that allows understand some of his character traits, as well as the opportunities available to us. Astrology being a relatively large and complex subject, a single session is rarely enough to cover the intricacies of its horoscope. In addition, the dance of celestial bodies in the sky has an impact on the daily life of human beings. It may then be interesting to consult in anticipation of major events in the sky such as retrogrades or direct transits.

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Innovation & Startup: Online clairvoyance tends to become more democratic | HelloBiz

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