Football: Mood: Everyone can still believe they are the best


As the championship resumes in two weeks in Switzerland, everyone is – still – free to invent radiant destinies for themselves. If there’s a time to dream in a season, it’s now. Before the first shit…

For FC Sion, here in training on the heights of Crans-Montana, as for all the other Swiss Football League teams, the period is conducive to all dreams.

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These days, we are living in a wonderful time, unquestionably the best of the season in a 2022-2023 exercise which has not yet started. A blessed period where everyone can still invent a destiny, believe that the (future) reality of the points will coincide with their dreams of grandeur. Or imagine that the transfer window he is in the process of achieving is likely to make tomorrow’s champion, if not the surprise.

While the Swiss Football League teams are preparing and sweating by chaining rounds of the field, the field of possibilities still remains without borders and especially adversaries to thwart all this.
For the only time of the year, you can dream without limits and it doesn’t cost much. Leaders, coaches, players, supporters or even followers, everyone can get involved.

A life without classification

Until July 16 at 6 p.m., kick-off of the Super League (preceded the day before already by the raising of the curtain in the Challenge League), freedom of thought has no barriers. It remains suspended in the air, without any shattering return of the pendulum or judgment of values. Because in less than three weeks, the first truths on the ground will quickly catch up with the idealists. When the camp of the winners will then be opposed to that of the losers.

No ranking by then? Yuppie, let’s enjoy it while we can…

In Valais, disappointed Tourbillon fans have plenty of time to wonder if the “new” Paolo Tramezzani’s FC Sion will still be as unspectacular, sometimes even boring, as the previous one, or if an upturn will brighten their daily lives. From what we have seen so far, change is not guaranteed. For the revolution of the game, it may be necessary to pass its turn at the same time as its path.

In Geneva, lovers of Servette can always believe very strongly that Philippe Senderos will wake up to offer them the transfers that Alain Geiger is pining for not seeing happen. For the moment, the “garnet” sports director is out of it to manage the open files, including that of Gaël Clichy, still on stand-by. And while it’s discussed, time flies.

In Lausanne, will the relegated from La Tuilière really overcome the consequences of their fall and Ludovic Magnin transform losers into winners? The first signs seem rather encouraging…

In Neuchâtel, Xamax is preparing without making too much noise. What if the good surprise came from La Maladière? Some believe in it without being able to prove them wrong. Unless Yverdon, or perhaps the SLO, comes to thwart the predictions…

The Mirror of Chimeras

This wonderful period during which everyone can – still – believe themselves to be the best is accompanied by the inevitable team building sessions, as many sessions intended to strengthen cohesion. It’s here a rafting trip, like the LS taming the turbulent waters of the Rhône, it’s a team meal without the coaches, it’s elsewhere an excursion on the Alpe. Like the players and staff of Grasshopper, swallowing this Wednesday 750 meters of altitude difference to reach Cry d’Er on foot from Crans-Montana as if they were arriving on the Roof of the World. For FC Zurich, outgoing champion and all its contenders, it will take other exploits to reach the top of the Super League and hope to stay there.

One truth remains: as long as we don’t play, or only for butter and therefore friendly, nothing matters. Winning or losing has no meaning, except to store up some fragile certainties. The mirror of chimeras refers to each, each of the illusions that are not yet lost. Then will come in a few days the end of the dream and the beginning of the shit. The first defeats, the first questions, the first doubts and very quickly the first crises that you will have to know how to manage.

Until the start of the next season, everyone can always hope to be exempted. On arrival, who will have been right to have dreamed harder? These days, the suspense is certainly total but above all comfortable.

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Football: Mood: Everyone can still believe they are the best

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