Dreaming of losing your teeth: what interpretation?

We have all had this strange dream at least once. Health problem, lack of self-confidence, or life change: dream of losing your teeth can have different interpretations. We tell you everything about the meaning of this scenario as bizarre as it is destabilizing.

Dream about losing your teeth: the meanings

Rest assured, dream of losing a front tooth, or multiple teeth can happen to anyone. This is often interpreted as being the sign of a drop in energy, a loss of vitality, linked to a drop in physical form or to worries in your personal or professional life.

Losing teeth in a dream can also symbolize feelings of stress, anxiety or insecurity. It can also reveal that you are faced with important decisions to make, but that you cannot succeed: you are at an impasse.

Losing a tooth in excellent condition means that you may have lost something that was important to you in your life. It can also be a bad omen.

If bleeding accompanies this fall or withdrawal, it indicates the sudden end of something: a friendly breakup or the loss of a very close person. The legend has often considered this dream as a harbinger of death. In practice, it’s a bit different. The legend is often wrong, fortunately.

Dream about breaking one or more teethafter a fall or a blow received, is the sign of a failure in the face of the objectives that you had set for yourself.

Do you dream that the falling teeth are damaged, rotten? It may mean that you are not healthy. If your smile is toothless, it may be a sign that you are unable to achieve your goals.

Dreaming about losing your teeth can also mean that changes are about to occur in your life, whether positive or negative, but it will not be easy.

Finally, from a sexual point of view, this dream to be linked to a too repressed sexuality. Indeed, according to Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, the teeth would represent the sexual apparatus. The fact that the latter fall would be associated with the shame of our desires.

As you can see, the interpretations of this dream are diverse. To find the one that suits your situation, you have to take stock. Depending on the period you live or your state of health, for example, the meaning will be different. Writing down your dreams in the morning allows you to see them more clearly.

What interpretations when dreaming of having cavities?

In parallel with dreams in which you lose your teeth often appears the one in which your teeth are damaged, rotten or decayed. This then means that you are in full introspection and that you want to change. Your damaged teeth are a reflection of your worries.

Dream about having cavities can also be related to a deeper problem. Indeed, the poor condition of your teeth can be a sign of an accumulation of problems or pain that you have never expressed. Some people may even dream of receiving dental work that does not work. In this case, it means that the help you received to solve your worries was insufficient.

On the other hand, if you simply dream that someone is helping you get your teeth back in good shape, it is a sign that you need a little help to get better. And if, in the scenario, you accept this support, it expresses that, unconsciously, you accept do some work on yourself. This is the start of a change.

In case your teeth are completely decayed, it can mean that you are facing failure. Faced with a situation which itself is escalating and over which you think you have no control. Now may be the time to take back control of your life.

Explanations of other dreams related to teeth

In addition to dreams where teeth fall out or break, we can also dream that these are yellow. This means that you are stressed and/or have worries. But nothing viscerally serious.

To dream of misaligned teeth that prevent you from expressing yourself properly symbolizes your current inability to make yourself understood or heard, to express yourself.

Fortunately for us, the presence of teeth in a dream is not always negative. Some people dream that they are biting into an apple or some fruit. This manifests a desire to live more intensely. You want to reap the fruits of your labor. You take the lead and are fearless.

Finally, if in your dream, you have bright teeth, it is a sign of personal fulfillment. In some cases, a beautiful smile can also be a sign of future wealth or even opulence.

Although it has certain immutable principles, the language of dreams is quite complex. Its meanings are different depending on each person’s situation.

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Dreaming of losing your teeth: what interpretation?

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