Dreaming of colleagues: what interpretation?

Dreaming about co-workers nothing extraordinary. It is even a fairly common dream, according to specialists. But this dream can actually say a lot about our personality, our shadowy facets or our human qualities.

Dreaming of colleagues: a mirror effect?

The work occupying a majority of our day, it is not surprising that it invites itself into our night. “This reflects the place that professional life takes in our lives”, explains Mireille Rosselet-Capt psychologist, Jungian analyst and author of dreams and intuition and Discover and welcome your dark side Editions Jouvence. “Work is one of the areas where our social identity is played out, as well as a domain of self-realization,” she adds.

Dreaming of a work colleague does not necessarily indicate professional problems. Instead, you have to focus on the characteristics of the person you dream of and see what these Character traits mean to us. “We spend a large part of our days with colleagues that we have not chosen, and all kinds of emotions similar to what happens in siblings can emerge: comparison, jealousy, rivalry, admiration, complicity or seduction. “, details the psychologist. “Colleagues form excellent projection surfaces that can allow us to raise awareness”.

Thereby, dream of our colleagues can send us back to our own identity. “This is what is sometimes called the ‘mirror effect’: we blame them for what corresponds to repressed tendencies in our country”, specifies Mireille Rosselet-Capt.

The recurring dreams of a colleague, a message to convey

According to the specialist, if the dream becomes recurrent, “it is interesting to wonder about what we project in particular on this colleague”. Dreaming about the same person regularly invites reflection. Dreaming several times of a office colleague who we get along with and see all day is completely normal. Daily thoughts affect our nights. Dreaming about former colleagues frequently can, on the other hand, invite us to ask ourselves what they represented for us. A bad memory? Nostalgia? A detail that marks us? In short, dreaming of his work wife or a colleague that we meet from time to time does not mean the same thing.

When we dream of our colleagues on a recurring basis, “it means that our projection is mature and that an awareness is necessary”, explains Mireille Rosselet-Capt. “According to Jung, the dream is like a message, a letter addressed to us by our unconscious. If the letter is not read, it sends a second and a third. recurring dreams signal that there is still something to understand and deepen, a lesson to be learned from a certain situation”.

Dreaming of a colleague in the privacy of our nights is already disturbing. But dream of sleeping with a colleague can become very annoying. However, as with all erotic dream, this does not necessarily mean that we fantasize about him or her. “It can of course be a dream of ordinary erotic desire. But if the dream surprises us, it can be an exaggeration of the motive of a simple desire for closeness and a privileged relationship”, indicates Mireille Rosselet-Capt.

Don’t panic, then. Dream about kissing a colleague or making love with are not synonymous with attraction.Here too, it is interesting to ask ourselves what this particular person symbolizes for us: what are his qualities that we would like to possess, how would we feel with him? “Asks the psychologist. This type of dream can have projection value. “We are dealing, this time, with a positive projection, which teaches us a lot about our deepest needs and desires, as well as some of our unrecognized qualities that this colleague embodies for us. Example: “with him or her I would feel safe” reveals to me that I have the capacity to be an authentic security base for myself”, affirms the specialist.

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Dreaming of colleagues: what interpretation?

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