Dream of crying: what meanings?

Dreaming of crying can be very intriguing. Does that mean I’m sad inside? What should I deduce from this? Dreams are generally not to be taken literally. Dreaming is an invitation to immerse yourself in your thoughts and in your relationship with others. So what does it mean if I dream of crying ? We asked the question to a dream specialist.

Is crying in a dream necessarily negative?

The letting go. This is usually what causes tears in reality, but also in dreams. “In dreams as in reality, indulging in crying – if it is not just a mark of helplessness and frustration – brings relief in a particularly tense situation”, explains Mireille Rosselet-Capt psychologist and author of dreams and intuition and The power of symbol Editions Jouvence. If I can cry in a dream, it’s because something has loosened in me, in my tension that lives in me”, indicates the specialist.

Dream of crying is not always negative. On the contrary. The symbolism of tears, in a dream, is close to that of water in reality. “Water purifies, cleans and refreshes”, analyzes Mireille Rosselet-Capt. It is an invitation to move forward. So, even if your dream upsets you at the moment, know that your unconscious is simply sending you signs to help you better understand your life.

Dreaming of crying in a dream: what interpretations?

As with all dream scenarios, there is no one and only interpretation. It all really depends on how you feel when you cry.

  • I dream of crying hot tears without knowing why

Dreams tend to amplify emotions that we feel deep inside us. “Yes i dream that i am cryingthis can be the expression of an emotion that I felt but whose intensity may have gone unnoticed in the ordinary course of my life”, analyzes the psychologist. Tears are the materialization of my pain. They are there to help us become aware of a situation or event that we have experienced as being abusive without realizing it.

  • I dream that I’m crying from sadness

If you dream of crying while being in a state of pain or despair, it can be the consequence of visceral sadness. “These tears can also signal a stage of mourning or depression”, indicates the specialist. It can also be linked to an unacknowledged and set aside emotional wound.

  • I dream of crying in public

This kind of dream can create a slight feeling of discomfort when you wake up. You can feel humiliated even if it was only a dream. If you have happened to dream of crying in public, this may be related to the modesty you show towards your emotions. You may find it hard to come to terms with how you really feel. Don’t hesitate to talk to a specialist about it.

Seeing others cry in your dreams, what does that mean?

Dreaming of a loved one crying can be a sign from your subconscious that helps you see the sensitivity of this person. “Such a dream can also have a compensatory function, and help me to consider the vulnerable aspect of a person whom I perceive as being insensitive or superior”, indicates Mireille Rosselet-Capt.

The dream may also be prompting you to rethink how you relate to her. Have you been hurtful unintentionally? Try to trace the history of your exchanges and analyze your attitude. Do not hesitate to speak directly with the individual concerned to disentangle the true from the false.

Why can dreaming of crying be positive?

Dreams are the manifestation of the unconscious to help us better face our daily lives. It is therefore something positive in itself. And dream that you are crying is even more so. For good reason, this kind of dreams are a real invitation to let go. They can help us confirm a state of emotional exhaustion. “Dreams are a moment when we surrender,” recalls the specialist.

It is a time when we can no longer restrain our mind. “Dreams are an invitation to take care of yourself,” she adds. Crying, whether in reality or in dreams, is a relief that releases a weight.

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Dream of crying: what meanings?

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