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The editor eastasiasoft took advantage of the calm of the last day of February, a calm perhaps following the announcement yesterday of a new generation of Pokemonto unveil a number of games announced for the console of nintendoto know WifeQuest, Divination, Marble Maid and Splash Cars. Let’s discover them together.


eastasiasoft and Pippin Games today reveal the release date of WifeQuestan action platformer “funny and often naughty“, in which the ancient warrior Mia will have to face the monsters (monsters?) sexy who kidnapped her husband Fernando. With many environments and abilities to unlock, not to mention a few mini-games and an image gallery, the title could well appeal to those who have already browsed the 14,586 games of the genre already available on theeShop (according to the unions). Well, we’re kidding, but the title still has ratings “very positiveon Steam and seems to have a humorous universe. Expected release on March 16 on theeShop for 7,99€.


The editor eastasiasoft announces to us today that a portage Switch visual novel Divination would arrive soon (in the spring of 2022, to be more precise). Developped by mojiken, this one makes you embody a fortune-teller who will have to guide the inhabitants of a futuristic city in perdition towards a radiant future… or not. Despite your powers, it is up to you to decide which fate to steer your customers towards: “good or bad, these answers have the power to alter the fate of humans and robots, to change the outcome of this story in a meaningful way by facing death or helping your clients avoid it“. Unlike some titles of the genre, the consequences of your choices should not be obvious at first glance, which should further increase the interest of this enigmatic game.

Marble Maid

Yet another game edited by eastasiasoftbut this time less mysterious and intriguing: Marble Maid is thought of as a Super Monkey Ball-likein which it is not a monkey but a maid who is locked in a glass ball, which she will have to use to navigate the game’s decor and overcome platform challenges as well as bosses in order to unlock the rest of the adventure, but also naughty images – listen, everyone needs it. More than fifty levels, all representing everyday settings on a Lilliputian scale, will be available, with some bonus levels if you reach the end of the game. March, 31st on theeShop for 9.99€.

Splash Cars

The last title of these special announcements eastasiasoft is Splash Carsan isometric 3D racing game that recalls in its artistic direction the very relaxing Absolute Drift (also available on Switch). You will have to put colors on your road in this game”where you’ll race to fight for free speech, evading authorities and inspiring other public officials to join your cause“. And if you can’t rally the NPCs to your cause, you will always have the option of local multiplayer! You can start rolling the March 9 on theeShop versus 6.99€.

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Eastasiasoft announces a string of Switch games – Switch-Actu

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