What resolution should each zodiac sign make this year?

A new year is often the occasion to take a new start. Obviously, everyone is free or not to make good resolutions this year. But if you want to find areas for improvement, here are some tips for each astrological sign.

The changes of each astro sign in 2022

Each sign can take good resolutions according to its character.

  • Aries must finish what they start.

This astrological sign tends to get bored quickly. It is prone to runaways. All fired up, the sign of Aries has a real adventurous spirit and loves to take on new challenges. Highly motivated by the idea of ​​challenging himself, he quickly becomes disillusioned and quickly gets tired. It’s time to do violence to himself and go all the way, even if he encounters difficulties.

  • Taurus has to take risks.

He likes to take his time. the Taurus sign progressing slowly but surely. If it takes time to assimilate things, once it’s done, it’s for life. Unlike Aries, he always makes sure to finish what he started. He likes stability and discretion. This may be the time to step out of your reserve and take risks. The adventure is this year!

  • Gemini must settle down

This air sign is always torn between its desire to stay where it is and to evolve. He is curious and interested in many things. May be too much ? If he has very broad knowledge of many things, it remains superficial. Gemini has a hard time going deeper. He must therefore learn to appreciate what he already has and pamper his daily life rather than always looking elsewhere.

  • Cancer must break his shell

Much less fragile than it seems, the sign of Cancer knows how to show tenacity. He may even attack first, for fear of being hurt. Sentimental and emotional, he finds it difficult to trust others. Out of fear, he can deprive himself of beautiful relationships and encounters. Cancer has every interest in being a little less suspicious and a little more open to others and to the experiences available to them.

  • The Leo must be less authoritarian

This fire sign can sometimes be overconfident. He has understood that he understands situations and issues often more quickly than others. Results ? He has a hard time being patient. the Leo sign can then be authoritarian and show susceptibility. This year is a good time to be more understanding and water down your wine.

  • Virgo must let go

By dint of seeking perfection, the Virgin ends up to fix objectives unreachable. Anxious by nature, she is characterized by the fear of missing out. By combining her fears with a sometimes excessive critical spirit, she can poison her life… all by herself. For her sanity, she should learn to let go.

How can each star sign improve?

With the new year, the signs can try to erase certain faults and accentuate their qualities.

  • Libra needs to get serious

This sign is known for its kindness, good humor and smile. She loves jumping from meeting to meeting, from passion to passion… even if it means being inconstant. Hating conflicts, she can also be cowardly and not hold her positions. It’s time to stop fluttering and refocus.

  • Scorpio must accept his sensitivity

Never tell Scorpio he’s emotional. He will answer you that it is false: he hates to show that he is fragile… However, he is particularly sensitive which is a real asset when you tame this feeling. Rather than repressing this aspect of his personality, if Scorpio learns to use it he will no longer suffer from it. On the contrary, he will find that he is far more intuitive and gentle than most people.

  • Sagittarius must be flexible

This astrological sign is jovial and positive. However, try to debate with him: the discussion can quickly escalate! the sagittarius sign is very picky about certain issues, especially when it comes to prestige. He applies himself to respecting a very precise line of conduct, being himself a great idealist. It is not because certain values ​​are imposed on themselves that everyone must have the same…

  • Capricorn needs to be more open.

The Capricorn sign is known to be a great loner. The reason ? He makes very high demands of himself… and of others. He can be suspicious and resentful. Often it is found cold elsewhere. Yet Capricorn has a very big heart, he just needs to feel confident. It’s time to open your heart and have faith in the Other.

  • Aquarius needs to be more accommodating

Aquarius is a sign that is called “fixed”. This means that he finds it very difficult to adapt to others and to situations. He hates being like everyone else: being non-conformist is second nature to him. Independent, he never wants to do like the others… and often shows ill will when he is asked to adapt to others. By being more flexible, he should have great opportunities available to him.

  • Pisces has to make decisions.

This astrological sign is known for its great indecision. Make a choice ? A nightmare for Pisces! He weighs the pros and cons, has trouble deciding, hesitates then reconsiders his choice… By making decisions quickly and sticking to them at all costs, this sign will realize that it’s much less stressful than procrastinate for hours. And those around him will appreciate that he is more stable and less changeable.

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What resolution should each zodiac sign make this year?

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