10 astrology books to discover urgently

Whether you want to discover astrology or you are already fully into this practice, know that some books could bring you a lot. Beautiful astrology books to offer, technical guides or specialized works on a specific aspect of astrology, there is something for everyone. Discover our top 10.

books to learn astrology

You are interested in astrology and would like to learn how to ride a horoscope ? We advise you To learn about astrology by Pola Von Grüt, My bible of astrology by Catherine Aubier or Astrology by Sasha Fenton. Thanks to these three books you will be able to learn all the characteristics of each astrological sign. But also the meaning of the planets and their influence on your sun sign.

If you want to go further, you can also find out what a House is in astrology. They are 12 in number and govern the concrete aspects of your life: your finances, your romantic relationships or your professional life. Finally, it’s a good way to discover what aspects are: those links that connect the planets to each other and explain our facilities but also difficulties in life. It is an excellent gateway to learning to read the birth chart, or the map of the skyof each person.

Astrology books discovered on Instagram

Some authors have started to make themselves known on the networks. On a daily basis, they shared their vision of astrology through informative or funny posts and their account now has tens of thousands of followers.

Maheva Stephan-Bugni hides behind the nickname Astrotrick. On Instagram, she specialized in the creation of memes and the parallel between astrology and popculture. In her book Astrotruc, she proposes to go in search of oneself without taking oneself seriously. She teaches us to decode our surroundings by making links between astrology and your favorite series, films or novels.

Whether on YouTube or Tiktok, Shera is used to talking about astrology with humor. She released her book Astrobook – The guide to getting better in your life, which corresponds to those who believe that astrology should be seen as a method of personal development. Each sign is deciphered, love compatibility is explained as well as the reading of an astral chart. A positive and inspiring book that will appeal to beginners and experienced alike.

Shana Lyès is the creator of the astro.lya account and with La grande trinité astrale, she looks at the synergy between a sun sign, a moon sign or the ascendant. The author looks at each astrological sign that she deciphers: what is their energy? Their mythology? Their outlook on life? Their relationship to others? Simple and practical, this beautiful grimoire can accompany you in your practice of astrology.

Specialized books on the Moon

If you are comfortable enough with the basic principles of astrology, you can focus on specific aspects of it. A gateway to astro is often the study of the Moon. Many people observe the influence of Full moon on their sleep or their mood. With books like Karine Winsz’s Lunar Revolution or Living with the moon, that’s life! by Aurore Widme, this star is in the spotlight.

It’s a good way to understand the different cycles of the Moon. New Moon, Full Moon… in astrology they all have a meaning. You can also see the impact of moon sign on a personality and the description of a Moon in each astrological sign without forgetting the rituals to be put in place according to the phases of the Moon.

Discover our selection of 10 books on astrology not to be missed:

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10 astrology books to discover urgently

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