Review – Memoirs of Exoterres (Fabrice Pittet): 5 magical texts

We liked

– Very different and striking texts.
– Awesome falls.
– Very engaging worlds.
– Strong messages!

We didn’t like

– One of the stories is worse than the others.

An awesome collection of short stories, which will make you love short stories and unexpected twists! Abundant imagination, landscapes and images that make you dream.

The summary

Mythical and fantastic creatures, heroic battles, courage, blood ties and noble causes are honored in these five epic short stories, oscillating between fantasy and science fiction.

Our opinion

Memoirs of Exoterres brings together five short stories that take us each to a very different universe. Dark fantasy, touching anticipation, oriental magic, horror science fiction… The stories amaze with their colorful characters, their captivating adventures and a sublime pen that inexorably charms.

Each story takes us with it. The author manages to grab us in a few well-placed words, in a few skilful descriptions that fascinate. The universes depicted are innovative in their atmosphere and complexity, in their atmosphere that is both magical and dark, between hope and end, light and darkness. The heroes reveal their emotions, fears and hopes to us. Despite all the drama they go through, they don’t give up, they never submit. Their strength becomes ours. Their courage becomes ours. The author gives us vigor and fighting spirit to accept who we are, where we come from and what the future holds.

The short stories have few characters and few intertwined plots. However, Memoirs of Exoterres rest a fascinating work, which marks and does not leave indifferent. Each story, finely crafted, pays a flourishing tribute to the imagination and to our humanity.

Like the two fingers of the hand

Like the two fingers of the hand disturbs by its bias and the dimension of its two heroes. Despite this, the text delivers poignant messages of brotherhood, friendship, and love, as well asa vision of an engaging futuristic Earthdespite its many flaws.

The reader quickly becomes attached to the two heroes, one more immature than the other, the other more devastating than his partner. Very different, and at the same time very close, they mark us with their greatness of soul and their courage.

The end leaves us however on our hunger; it is certainly the least breathtaking, the least surprising of all, even if it closes the narrative arc with sweetness and positivity.

Little thing

Little thing takes place in the desert, under an arid sun. The news features a different childwith white skin, whom a whole people refuses to accept, apart from his father. This warm and caring man forgave his daughter the death of his wife, and survives only for her well-being. This atypical and fascinating duo, moving as one pleases, catches us in its nets. Despite the traditions, the dangers and the prohibitions, this father does not hesitate to defy all those around him so that his child may live.

This poignant and sincere love takes you to the guts. In addition to a touching story, the tale depicts a difficult life: creatures threaten the peoples of the desert, while ancestral traditions weigh on their frail shoulders. Fantastic elements invite themselves to better keep us in suspense.

Before the end, twists accelerate the story; a stressful rise in tension, a heart beating a hundred miles an hour, a gasp. When the reader thinks he is safe, the last pages give him a masterful slap.

The fall turns out to be successful, it even flips the brain. The story takes a sharp turn and enters a new dimension.

A little nugget between oriental tale, initiatory story, philosophical essay, and dream. A beautiful lesson in love, justice and life.

The scaly requiem

The scaly requiem explores a dramatic future for humanity, then subjected to the relentless attacks of terrifying winged peoples. The group we accompany, exiled for an eternity on a piece of rock in space, hopes to find a way to save Man, at all costs. This alarming, essential need encompasses the story, bringing tension and suspense.

The short story brilliantly introduces us to these would-be saviors, while also explaining how Earth and its people have changed over time, as well as the strange place where our heroes’ ship has inadvertently landed. Armed with suits and helmets, they will roam the place, defeating strangely familiar monsters, and following the instructions of an ancient Protocol with obscure words, the purpose of which no one really understands anymore. With time and the adverse effects of space travel, the exiles struggle to remember their past.

The scaly requiem represents a poignant text, embellished with courageous sacrifices, incredible discoveries and filled with a moving brotherhood. The brilliant fall, unexpected and full of poetry, but also ferocious and animal, animates us with a new force.

Death to the moon

Death to the moon takes place in an indescribable universe, where the Angels and the worst atrocities tear each other apart in a horrifying combat. The atmosphere that emanates from this story leaves you speechless. Magical, dark, indefinable and elusive… It sends us back to so many incompatible images, so many contradictory sensations, that it seems difficult to describe it any further.

The hero, a grumpy old man, heckled by life and bitter with his friends, makes an impression. The author stages it wonderfully, everything about him seems lively – especially his bad mood. Throughout the story, the reader becomes attached to this atypical character, but so true. His quest transports us, as do his distress, his fascinating dialogues with an Angel, his fierce battles and his discoveries of archaic treasures.

The author manages to depict an incredible and complex world, with a hazy past but rich enough to question us. The magic prevails, thanks to lyrics shrouded in mystery, palpable magic, and images of a dazzling moon, from which the ugly monsters come.

The news takes its time, the revelations arrive each in turn to give us the leisure to digest them and travel in this captivating universe. The management of the rhythm and the information turns out to be tasty, just like the beautiful end, less surprising than that of Little thingbecause the story allows us to feel it coming, but so moving and Homeric.

A beautiful story, full of hope and kindness.


Mom closes this collection wonderfully, like the icing on the cake.

How disturbing story, Mom tells us the story of a determined womanready to do anything so that humanity continues facing the invader, a gigantic Fungus that poisons the Earth. The birth rate, in free fall, is waging a terrible battle against this monstrous parasite which leaves no chance for nature to grow, for life to settle. The broken, fractured decoration, lost under the sand and the seeds of Fungus as far as the eye can see, reminiscent of tragic post-apocalyptic tales.

The human does not despair and continues to seek a way to annihilate this vermin. Our heroine, strong and determined, does not give up, even if it means sacrificing herself so that the humans of tomorrow do not experience such a sad life, devoid of exterior greenery, fascinating animals and laughing children.

A grandiose epic, fierce battles against a formidable enemy, and a light at the end of the tunnel. Mom amazes by its mastery of narration, these emotions that pierce us, and these actions recounted with talent, which propel us to a desolate and bruised Earth of tomorrow, for which, hopefully, humans will never stop fighting.

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Review – Memoirs of Exoterres (Fabrice Pittet): 5 magical texts

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