The weekly horoscope from October 26 to November 1, 2022

Sybille Souane, the astrologer of Point of viewgives you your horoscope for the week of October 26 to November 1, 2022.


March 20-April 19

Love : 1st decan, feelings that are revealed and reinforced on a daily basis. The duos stand united. Solo, reserved, even wild. 2nd decan, in friendship, you keep a cool head. Is right. 3rd decan, teaser.

Job: 1st decan, persevering, complex situations do not scare you. 2nd decan, awaiting a decision. 3rd decan, delicate discussions, balance difficult to achieve on the 27th. Disruptive hierarchical questioning on the 31st.

Form : 1st decan, inner strength.


April 20-May 20

Love : 1st decan, solo, Venus, temptress, winks at you. As a couple, intense moments. 2nd decan, tendency to run away from your emotions (the 26th) and your feelings (the 1st)… which will quickly catch up with you. 3rd decan, benevolent or deceptive friendships? (on the 29th)

Job: 1st decan, good time to talk business – avoid concluding the 1st, too unstable. 2nd decan, electrifying partnerships, in every sense of the word. 3rd decan, the 27th, changes related to foreign countries.

Form : Carpe Diem.


May 21-June 20

Love : 1st decan, secret or mysterious atmosphere. 2nd decan, your refusal of dramatization is very reassuring. 3rd decan, the temperature rises on the 29th. The atmosphere is one-upmanship: you provoke to drive the loved one mad… with love!

Job: 1st decan, your workplace is also a space of seduction. 2nd decan, stable. 3rd decan, always very busy and more and more optimistic after the 28th. Be careful not to have your eyes bigger than your stomach.

Form : satisfactory.


June 21-July 22

Love : 1st decan, solo, power and intensity of new bonds. As a couple, the 30 is perfect: strong, stable and reassuring feelings. Your loved one is your rock of tenderness. 2nd decan, spicy friendships, beware of susceptibilities (the 26th and 1st). 3rd decan, the 31st, exclusive relationship.

Job: 1st decan, calm and “political”. Very creative stratagems. 2nd decan, regular progression. 3rd decan, misunderstandings on the 27th. On the 29th, beware of drunken team parties!

Form : good resistance.


July 23-August 22

Love : 1st decan, complex emotional ties, sometimes tinged with jealousy, from which the loved one seeks to free themselves on the 1st. Misunderstandings. 2nd decan, your other half refuses pretenses; his rebellious spirit appeals to you. 3rd decan, chivalrous emotions on the 29th.

Job: 1st decan, financial fundamentals to revisit. 2nd decan, instability of positions. Reversals, especially the 26th. 3rd decan, invigorating and varied projects.

Form : 1st decan, beware of infections. 2nd decan, under pressure.


August 23-September 22

Love : 1st decan, the way to your heart goes through authentic communication. Rare confidences on the 30th. 2nd decan, serene. 3rd decan, in a Relationship, the loved one goes out of their way to spoil you and even does a little too much on the 29th. For some, stirring emotions on the 31st.

Job: 1st decan, precision and quality of exchanges. 2nd decan, methodical and organized. 3rd decan, your associates, of good will, could involuntarily contribute to a climate of guerrilla warfare.

Form : 3rd decan, excessive.


September 23-October 22

Love : 1st decan, strong but contained sensual attractions. 2nd decan, very reasonable, sometimes too much (the 1st). Allow yourself to express your feelings more freely. 3rd decan, intense family ties to unravel on the 31st.

Job: 1st decan, remarkable skill in financial negotiations: take advantage of it. 2nd decan, take time to breathe. 3rd decan, despite your diplomacy, negotiations could stumble on the 27th. Patience…

Form : on an upward slope.


October 23-November 21

Love : 1st decan (October 23 – November 1), happy birthday! Entire, but discreet loves. The 30th, a mixture of complicity and modesty; the links are solid, even if not very demonstrative. The 1st, possible family dissonances. Even if you live under the same roof, give everyone their space. 2nd decan (November 2 – 11), the loved one has a strong temperament — so do you! The 26th: beware of those who seek to dictate your conduct. The 1st, contradictory and/or changing feelings. The morale of one of your loved ones may leave something to be desired; don’t get depressed! 3rd decan (November 12 – 21), very pleasant romantic daydreams. The 27th, ability to rejuvenate yourself emotionally.

Job: 1st decan, your penetrating mind sharpens: dig, you could make interesting discoveries. 2nd decan, original and innovative associates, whose sometimes turbulent reactions are difficult to curb. How to reconcile stability and modernity? 3rd decan, time to plan.

Form : 1st decan, sensuality. 2nd decan, cultivate Zen. 3rd decan, carefree.


November 22-December 21

Love : 1st decan, ardent fantasies that you keep secret. 2nd decan, fair balance between reason and emotion on the 28th. 3rd decan, in a relationship, your better half tickles you, titillates you. Solo, the 29th is festive, conducive to clashes… and fiery encounters.

Job: 1st decan, you are more effective when you act behind the scenes. 2nd decan, adapted tempo. 3rd decan, you continue to scrap, but should consider letting go.

Form : 3rd decan, breathe.


December 22-January 19

Love : 1st decan, loyal friendships, “life and death”, which are anchored and strengthened on the 30th. 2nd decan, attractions a tad sulphurous (the 26th), even hair-raising (the 1st). 3rd decan, intense, whole, but resentful on the 31st.

Job: 1st decan, projects that are close to your heart, but must remain secret for the moment. 2nd decan, some tighten the purse strings. 3rd decan, the 27th, tendency to refuse any compromise.

Form : 1st decan, strength, constancy and balance.


January 20-February 18

Love : 1st decan, idealist, you place your freedom above conventions. 2nd decan, selective and demanding, you take your time to choose. 3rd decan, passionate statement on the 29th

Job: 1st decan, strange atmosphere: ambitions are refined and affirmed, but in a roundabout way. Trust difficult to grant. 2nd decan, you maintain your position at all costs, even if it means displeasing (the 1st). 3rd decan, lively creative dynamic.

Form : 2nd decan, take care of yourself.


February 19-March 19

Love : 1st decan, in a couple, fluid, almost immediate understanding of the desires of the other. Solo, captivated by a new adventure, hot for some! 2nd decan, guarantor of balance. 3rd decan, from the 29th, tendency to sacrifice your well-being for your loved ones who always ask for more.

Job: 1st decan, discussions with foreigners from the 31st. 2nd decan, rigor and application. 3rd decan, very inspired and enterprising, but know how to keep reason.

Form : 1st decan, amazing.

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The weekly horoscope from October 26 to November 1, 2022

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