Which serial character are you according to your astrological sign?

Sun in sign and astrological sign

What a difference ? The position of the sun on the zodiac at the time of birth determines the astrological sign. Thus the expression “sun in sign” refers to the sign in which the sun is located on the chart of the sky at the time of birth. Position which makes it possible to determine the astrological sign. In short, sun sign and astrological sign are the same, provided you understand by ‘astrological sign’ the sun sign. The expression ‘astrological sign’ being more general and which can also include the moon sign

Astrology and pop culture

Astrology, the zodiac, thehoroscope, the stars continue to fascinate… and lend themselves to hundreds of interpretations. Inspired, Maheva Stéphan-Bugni had the idea of ​​uniting astrology and pop culture through the Instagram account @astrotruc in which she compiles memes, quotes and other photo montages that make you smile. With a community of more than 350,000 subscribers, the author has published a book on the same theme, soberly titled ‘Astrotruc’*: there are nuggets and astrological decryptions placed under the sign of humor.

Mantra in support, here is what series character corresponds to each astrological sign and the most representative quote:

Ram : Kim Kelly, in Freaks and Geeks. Your mood? “Are you saying I’m irrational? Because I’ll rip your head off, Daniel. I’ll rip your head off and throw it over that fence.”.

Bull : Juanita Solis, in Desperate Housewives. Your mood? “Juanita, what’s the magic word? – I don’t know, ‘Hurry up’?”.

Gemini : Chandler Bing, in Friends. Your mood? “I’m not very good at advice. Can I offer you a sarcastic comment instead?”.

Cancer : Titus Burgessin Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Your mood? “Oh, black Jesus from Madonna’s ‘Like a prayer’ music video, send me a sign!”.

Lion : Max Black, in 2 broke girls. Your mood? “And there, I say to myself, but who cares? I’m great!”.

Virgin : Cristina Yang, in Grey’s Anatomy. Your mood? “Pretty good is not enough, I want to be excellent”.

Balance : Winston Bishop, in New girl. Your mood? “You know what would be really crazy? If I passed my cat, Ferguson, for my date”.

Scorpio : April Ludgate, in Parks and Recreation. Your mood? “I am able to convince little children that I am a witch”.

Sagittarius : Phil Dunphy, in Modern Family. Your mood? “If you like something, release the point unless it’s a tiger”.

Capricorn : Ray Holt, in Brooklyn nine-nine. Your mood? “It’s incredibly funny”.

Aquarius : Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Your mood? “Yeah, I could do that, but I’m crippled by the fact that I don’t give a damn”.

Pisces : Jules Vaughn, in Euphoria. Your mood? “I think I have no interest in real life anymore”.

*“Astrotruc – Decipher your horoscope with pop culture!” by Maheva Stephan-Bugni. Editions Marabout, 256 pages. €19.90

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Which serial character are you according to your astrological sign?

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