Here are the zodiac signs that would be the most faithful

When it comes to marital fidelity, not all zodiac signs are created equal. While some are thirsty for independence and freedom, and tend to flutter, others, on the contrary, have a great sense of commitment and will be much less likely to look elsewhere. Here are the 7 most faithful astrological signs in love.


According to astrologer Nathalie Marcot, also inner connection and relationship expert, the most loyal sign in love is by far…Capricorn. So much so that, even if he is unhappy in his couple, “he will never leave the person with whom he has decided to commit. He has only one word, ”she deciphers.

People of the Capricorn sign are “very loyal and have sincere feelings”, adds the specialist, specifying however that to have a more detailed analysis of the affective domain, it is also necessary to take into account the ascendant, the Moonand the position of Venus in her birth chart.

virgin and bull

In the ranking of the most faithful signs, we then find Virgo and Taurus, the other two earth signs.

“These are signs that need stability, are grounded, and like routine. They move slowly but surely and do not support change”. By their nature, “they will thus be very faithful,” she explains.

More precisely, the natives of the sign of Virgo, “hate the simple idea of ​​a double life because it disrupts their organization too much. Cheating on the other is too complicated. People born under this sign are “very organized and structured.” In their life, “everything is calculated”.

As for Taurus, “they are very attached to tradition, to family, comfort, and home. However, they are “greedy and epicurean”. In other words, they like to enjoy all the little pleasures in life. Thus, “they can go astray if they are not fulfilled”. However, underlines the specialist, “Taurus will always come back because he does not like to destroy” what he has built.

cancer and scorpio

Another sign particularly recognized for its fidelity: Cancer. According to Nathalie Marcot’s analysis, he “is deeply kind and cannot bear to hurt his other half. He needs to be in a cocoon and to feel safe”. This is why he will not be tempted to deceive his or her partner.

We can also mention the sign Scorpio. “He is honest, whole, and hates betraying and being betrayed”, details the astro-coach. But you should know that Scorpio has a big sexual appetite. For him, “it’s even a question of survival, it’s vital”. So if his partner does not satisfy all his desires, “he is likely to look elsewhere,” she warns.

Leo and Libra

Finally, people in a relationship with a Leo or a Libra should also be reassured. Libra indeed needs “balance, harmony, and loves life together”. When she separates from her boyfriend or girlfriend, “her world crumbles”. People born under this sign thus tend not to “risk losing their partner” by taking action.

If he likes to seduce, to be surrounded and to be the center of attention, Leos are not flighty. As a couple, he has principles and is therefore not the type to collect conquests.

“He is the most faithful of the fire signs. He is generous and very attached to his home, because it is his clan. He will do everything to give a good image of himself, ”says the expert, who holds a chain Youtube on which she gives love advice.

What about friendship?

The Earth and Water signs are the ones you can rely on the most. friendship. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn signs are indeed “loyal people.” With them, “everything is taken seriously, they are devoted friends who keep their promises”.

As for the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, they are “very empathetic, altruistic and devoted”. They know how to listen to others and put themselves in their place to understand them better and be able to help them. Qualities that make them very good friends.

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Here are the zodiac signs that would be the most faithful

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