The 2023 horoscope: predictions for the year of Cancer

1st decan : in 2022 already, Jupiter appeared at the zenith of your personal chart, occupying the 1st decan of Aries from May to October. End of May and beginning of June were not easy because it was conjoined with Mars, there was a fight, you had to attack or defend yourself. Now, Jupiter will very quickly recross the decan of your sign in January and February (until the 20th) and will not return. Mars no longer being there, you will no longer have any obstacle to succeed and perhaps you will even achieve one of your goals brilliantly, not without having “wet the shirt” as they say. Indeed, you will benefit from March from a good aspect of the serious Saturn. Your life will be well balanced. After May 16 and until July 4, Jupiter will shine the spotlight on both your projects, your hopes, and your friendships. You could join a support network, friendly or professional, of which you will quickly become an active member.

2nd decan : professional success will be your main objective from February 20 to April 4. It’s probably something that’s been in the works since last summer: a promotion, a transfer, a position that in any case gives you more responsibilities and may require some to lead, to have authority even over a team. Either way, you’ll put all your energy into it! Less fortunate, some will have a lawsuit to face, or confusion with the administration to manage because of involuntary negligence (or not). From July 4th to November 7th, your projects and friendships will grow in importance and if you need help to progress, you will find what you need. One (a relationship?) will actively support you, perhaps even financially if need be. This is a time when, one way or another, hope will be very present in your life.

3rd decan : you too will have the opportunity to climb a level, or to take the direction of a mission, even of a service or a group, between April 4 and May 16. This will be the main event of this year and Pluto will no longer oppose you after March 23, nothing and no one will be able to oppose your progress, except yourself, if you have a behavior that would not be suitable and which would mean that at the last moment you would not get what you thought was rightfully yours. You will have to be wary of your instinctive reactions, they can go against your interests. Another advantage this year, a desire for some to take their independence (a good aspect of Uranus) and what you have already prepared last year, for some, will be very useful to you. Freeing yourself from guardianship or dependency will be of great importance for the rest of the events.

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The 2023 horoscope: predictions for the year of Cancer

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