Here are the signs that come up the most in serial killers

Is there a link between astrology and serial killers ? If we take a closer look at the greatest serial killers of all time and look at their astrological sign, this is what we could deduce! According to a study carried out by the statistician Dr. Jan Ruis in 2008, it would seem that this relationship is even closer than that and that the signs that stand out the most are the mutable signs. The latter are those that end each season, namely Gemini, Virgin, Sagittarius and Pisces.

You thought the Scorpios would make the best serial killers? Nay! Or else, they are far too clever to get caught… On the other hand, the one that stands out the most remains the sign of the Gemini. From Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Cannibal of Milwaukee” to Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker” passing by Louise Peete, one of the first “Black Widows”, all are born under one of these four signs.

Gemini, the most famous

Gemini, ruled by Mercuryis known for his ability to communicate and easily manipulate his little world. This predisposition allows it to easily attract its prey. The duality of Gemini also allows him to live easily in two realities distinct, without them ever mixing, their sharp mind allowing them to maintain this separation. the lying comes naturally to Gemini, who can be particularly kind and appreciative when trying to bamboozle their prey.

Virgo, the most meticulous

Attention to detail, the Virgin can sometimes seem maniacal in the eyes of other signs. She has the Attention to detail and is extremely demandingboth to herself and to others. Since she is at this point in analysis, the Virgin observe the smallest deeds and gestures of his prey, making him an extremely meticulous serial killer.

Sagittarius, the most nomadic

Along with Gemini, Sagittarius is one of the most common signs among serial killers. Attracted by escape, the travel and more than anything freedom, Sagittarius loves more than anythingadrenaline and thrills. He has a taste for risk, making him a particularly criminal bold and creative !

Pisces, the most unpredictable

A water sign, Pisces is extremely intuitive and empathetic, he will then be able to detect any lie. But since he is extremely sensitive, a Pisces who is lied to will take this attitude very much to heart. In a serial killer, this sign will pass very quickly from sensitive to monstroussometimes living in its own reality and will have an overflowing imagination for ever more original murders… Water sign, empathetic, intuitive, attracted to all that is mystical and invisible to the naked eye, so it is not surprising serial killers of the sign of Pisces often call upon occult techniques in their murders.

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Here are the signs that come up the most in serial killers

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