Here are the zodiac signs most affected by the February 16 Full Moon

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are slowly rising, spring is getting closer week by week… so energy is supposed to make a comeback in our lives! Climax of vitality? The Full Moon February 16, 2022 which promises to bring us motivation but also, for some astrological signs, tension… What are the full moon effects ?

The Full Snow Moon of February 16, 2022

The Full Moon that occurs in February is nicknamed “Full Snow Moon“. This nickname was given by Native Americans who had noticed a correlation with the Moon at this time of year and heavy snowfall.

A Full Moon is a climax in a 30 day cycle. The New Moon is the starting point of this period, the Full Moon is a time that invites us to move forward, to make decisions. Do we wish to continue in the direction that you took us during the New Moon? Is it time to take a new direction? One thing is certain: energy and dynamism are excellent allies for implementing projects and desires.

In which sign is the Full Moon on February 16, 2022?

The February Full Moon takes place in the Leo sign. On February 16, 2022, the Sun and Moon opposed. In astrology they are said to form an opposition, an aspect creating tension. The energies of action of the Sun, and of intuition of the Moon, come into conflict resulting in a renewal of energy but also of agitation. There is electricity in the air!

A Full Moon in Leo invites us to be creative and show our willful spirit. She boils the fire that is in us and gives us the taste of seduction and conquest.

The astro signs favored by the Full Moon in Leo

Several astrological signs are particularly inspired by this Full Moon:

  • The Full Moon supports Gemini

This air sign takes advantage of the position of the Moon to fill up with motivation and ideas. Inspired by this Full Moon, he feels a need for action show within him. His privileged areas are those of friendships and projects that particularly motivate him. Feeling protected, sign of Gemini is ready for anything.

  • The Full Moon makes Sagittarius smile

Beautiful day for the Sagittarius, in a good mood and optimistic. The areas of daily life and work are a source of pleasure for this sign, which feels particularly creative and inspired thanks to this Full Moon.

  • The Full Moon makes Aries adventurous

This astrological sign shows a lot of curiosity in this period. His greatest source of joy? Learn new things and make discoveries. A breath of fresh air is blowing on this sign, which has needs from elsewhere and from travelling.

The astro signs disadvantaged by the Full Moon in Leo

Other star signs will feel stuck and frustrated, needing independence.

  • The Full Moon Blocks Aquarius

Complicated day for Aquarius who is under pressure and under tension. He can’t stand the constraints and can feel stuck, especially in his professional life. The third decan of Aquarius sign does not manage to project and put in place his desires. Stuck, blocked… he suffers from frustration. Courage !

  • Full Moon frustrates Leo

Many questions for the sign of Leo. He has the feeling that he does not have the opportunity to express all his capacities. He may feel held back and demotivated. Don’t worry, this frustration should quickly disappear.

A lot of tension and pressure will weigh on the shoulders of Taurus. This sign is likely to suffer from the weight of responsibility in their career. Unless we put too much pressure on him about it? One thing is certain, he has every interest in thinking before speaking and not getting carried away.

Do not panic: the full moon effects are very short. Indeed, the Moon changes position very quickly. Within a few hours its effect on our mood can disappear.

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Here are the zodiac signs most affected by the February 16 Full Moon

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