Astrology: the best signs to celebrate the New Year with

By Fostine Carracillo

– Published on 31 Dec 2022 at 08:00

Some zodiac signs are more prone to partying than others. Here are the ones that will ignite the evening.

Your astrological sign also influences your events. Or rather, it affects your relationship with other guests. Indeed, depending on the zodiac profiles, the expectations are very different. While some no longer hide from being big partygoers, others, on the other hand, have need a break before starting the year 2023. So, if you are still hesitating about your festive New Year’s Eve program, here are all our tips for surrounding yourself with the best astrological signs to spend this evening with. Some zodiac signs are particularly known for their humor. Among those with whom every day is a party, there are the natives of Leo. This sign of Fire is precisely influenced by its element, since it has only one idea in mind: to ignite the dance floor. His good humor is also particularly communicative.

Libra is also a fun-loving sign. The most important thing for these representatives of the Air sign? Surround themselves with all their friends to start this new chapter together. Libra also has a weakness for long speeches. While some may find it boring, others will have a hard time containing their emotions. What about Sagittarius natives? They are overflowing with enthusiasm. One of their qualities? Embark the group in their madness. They will thus make the most recalcitrant want to sing and dance. In other words, this Fire sign is here to set the mood! For New Year’s Eve, expect a nice wave of optimism. The latter is, moreover, always welcome to start the new year on the right foot.

Here are the most party-loving signs of the zodiac

Other signs, on the other hand, are much less inclined to party to mark the transition to the new year. They are not really fans of large festive gatherings. This is particularly the case of Taurus who will rather choose an evening in a small committee. Representatives of this zodiac sign love calm and have well-honed habits. Their wish for this December 31? Follow their beauty routine and go to bed relatively early to start January with energy. Another Earth sign shares the same cocooning desires: Virgo. If some representatives of this sign will however choose to go to a party, they will not be able to help but spend part of the evening in the kitchen to put everything away. Finally, there is a sign that abhors the December 31 New Year. This is Scorpio. The natives of this Water sign see no point in wiggling all night on a dance floor. Their wish? Go shopping and eat a good meal, just like a classic evening. At the question : ” Why change your habits on December 31? “, the Scorpion has a ready-made answer.

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Astrology: the best signs to celebrate the New Year with

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