The almost investigation: but where do the Warriors spend their holidays?

Now that the NBA season is over, it’s vacation time! Great League players still have a month and a half of free time in front of them to take it easy in the sun, have a shovelful of cocktails… or not? Well, it’s true that everyone has their own definition of the word “holiday”. For you, the editorial staff of TrashTalk has sought where the members of the Warriors have decided to escape. Spoiler, Draymond Green did not go to meditate in the Himalayas.

Of course, these destinations are entirely imaginary and are only meant to put a smile on your face, even if they are sometimes based on the real vacations of the players mentioned.

Stephen Curry

For Steph, the program is chill. Holidays in France, yes. His wife Ayesha owns vines in California and what could be better for Baby Face than to go to the country king of discipline with his girlfriend? As we know, the boy loves excellence. Luckily, France has a lot of varied landscapes to offer, but La Tranche sur Mer (Vendée) was chosen because it is there that the Chef’s children can taste the best ice cream in the Western Hemisphere. And then also because it’s a small train that goes around the city to take people to the beach, and that’s an implacable argument.

Klay Thompson

The vacations of Killa Clay ? Well it won’t leave San Francisco. Why ? Well quite simply because there is a champion’s cap to be found! KaTé lost it while celebrating the title on her boat, there’s no question of doing anything until she’s found. On the program, therefore, is scuba diving. Who knows, he may find ancient vestiges dating from the last qualification of the Kings in the Playoffs.

Andrew Wiggins

Ring in hand, Andrew decided to return to the green plains of Minnesota. Of course, a bit of relaxed hiking, but the objective is above all to show off the champion’s ring in front of the fans who once demanded his departure. ” Come on, watch as Wolves thank you after a round of Playoffs“.

Moses Moody

After taking himself for Michael Jordan during the Summer League, the young Moses feels he is growing wings. So he’s currently in Barcelona, ​​playing poker until 5 a.m. and playing golf. The Olympics? Oh no, there aren’t any this year if you ask. On the other hand, there is a nice little series on TrashTalk, if you like.

Nemanja Bjelica

The video was in 240p and at night, but Nemanja Bjelica was with Nikola Jokic bottoming up gallons of beer and eating raw freshly hunted wild boar. The daily life of a hot, a real. It is also by swimming from the Adriatic that he will return to San Francisco, we do things right to the end here.

Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole, he spends his summer at the… swimming pool. Yeah that sucks, sorry. No, Jordan Poole is champion, Jordan Poole is young, so Jordan Poole does what he wants. Rental of a large villa in the hills in Malibu, pistoche, jacuzzi, sea view of course. Summer party from morning to evening and from evening to morning, Fatal Bazooka style you know. Be careful to return the head to the place in a boy month.

Draymond Green

For Dray, there is no question of spending time in peace, resting. The boy has been on a festival tour since June. First stage ? Throw yourself into the ropes at Tomorrowland with the Shaq’, which has probably lost none of its shame ten years after its end of career. Next ? Big tour of the biggest events in which giving voice is nothing but an obligation: Vieilles Charrues, Pampl’Up, Poupet, Solidays or even Francofolies… the list is long and the sequence intense, so let’s pray together for the vocal cords of Mr. Green who know no respite.

Gui Santos

The Draft just passed and the Summer League in the trainers, the new recruit of the Warriors is very logically returned to Brazil to celebrate with his family. On the menu ? Feijoada of course. And football games, we do not deny the traditions. Well, the Gui will play in the cages because it would be silly to take a liking to playing with the feet.

Classic feijoada

Donte DiVincenzo

Arrived in the bay during this Free Agency, Donte’s summer daily life is far from being the most exciting. Long live the round trips between Sacramento and San Francisco to make the move. Be careful to take everything on board, it would be silly to permanently bend the saplings and realize that Grandma’s tancarville remained in the garden of the old house like you.

Andre Iguodala

Andre has passed the age of non-stop partying in Mykonos for a month. The man is calm, wants to take the time to know what will be next for him. The retreat or the last dance? In any case, it is in the heart of the Windward Islands that the boy has chosen to meditate. Yeah, it’s also where Link chose to train to defeat evil, so it’s a place that provides answers.

Jonathan Kuminga

For Jo’, holidays are spent in the country. United States ? No. The Democratic Republic of Congo. The project ? A local initiation into the art of sapping, aka the society of ambianceurs and elegant people. The discipline is a specialty of the region, and the idea behind it is to dominate the rankings outfits next season.

James Wiseman

A summer away from the infirmary? Let’s go! Not that James doesn’t like nurse Joëlle, but let’s just say that it was starting to get boring to have to be around her almost every day for nearly two years. For Wiseman, a summer of basketball is planned, but not in San Francisco, no. You might as well show off on the playgrounds of Venice Beach, we never said here that linking business with pleasure was forbidden.

ryan rollins

Ryan, it’s Pokémon Go generation. So this summer, it’s one of the last opportunities to go hunt the mythical critters before having to trade pokéballs for basketballs. He is lucky, because more than 500 species are currently available. Hey besides, know that the starters of the fourth generation are the best among all.

Quinndary Weatherspoon

Boom, we’re done with Quinndary Weatherspoon, who certainly won’t have the luxury of enjoying the holidays since his contract doesn’t guarantee him a spot in the NBA along with the rest of this roster. Neither one nor two, it’s work every day, but there’s no question of hurting yourself too much either, so we’ll mix it all up with a tasting of Mister Freeze at teatime. Come on, he told us on the phone that he would take a few days off before the resumption, apparently he would go and taste raclettes with the neo-NBAer from Saint-Rémy in Ain… well, if we trust the indications of the Woj.

So which program excites you the most? Here, we are leaning towards the festive escapade of Draymond Green, but it is true that we would like to recover an Oratoria to expand our collection. In any case, we take advantage with our feet wide… waiting for the next team!

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The almost investigation: but where do the Warriors spend their holidays?

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