Here are the character traits of Aquarius rising Scorpio

Aquarius rising Scorpio, your astrological sign is still full of many mysteries? We reveal to you how your ascendant also influences the traits of your character.

Born between January 21 and February 19, you are therefore a happy Aquarius, who places himself directly at the eleventh place of the zodiac. sign saysof airthe Aquarius woman cultivates many paradoxes, which are often the source of all the complexity of her personality. If at first glance, we imagine you to be very sure of yourself because of the image you reflect, the reality is in fact quite different. Your image is a shell that does not reveal your true identity. It will therefore take a few weeks, even a few months, before the new people around you discover you as you are in everyday life. We appreciate your dynamism and your joie de vivre.

You do not fully recognize yourself in this description? Your ascendant surely dominates the main traits of your character. And today, we are going to focus more particularly on the Aquarius Rising Scorpio. Your personality has a sixth sense that allows you to identify very quickly anyone standing in front of you. Very sociable, you show empathy and feel no difficulty in making friends. Nevertheless, a part of mystery remains.

Astrology: what is the ascendant?

You keep referring to the horoscope of your astrological sign ? However, in astrology, the latter would ultimately not be the most representative element of your personality. And for good reason… According to many experts in the field, your ascendant, which corresponds to the exact location where the Sun rose when you were born, would also be very important. This would really affect your “me” interior. It is therefore normal that your temperament is not totally identical to that of your neighbor, also born under the lucky star of Aquarius. Depending on the day, time and place of birth of each, the ascendant changes completely.

Compatibilities of Aquarius ascendant Scorpio

You don’t get along with one of your best friend’s acquaintances or that famous colleague you meet every morning at the coffee machine? What if astrology had its share of responsibility in the evolution of your relationships? This astral science can indeed clarify many points of your daily life. In particular, the compatibilities of your astrological sign.

Whether in love or in friendship, the Aquarius ascendant Scorpio tends to approach the Ram, who is just like him curious and go-getter when it comes to putting forward his ideas. Conversely, the characters of Aquarius ascendant Scorpio and Bull don’t really seem to match. In question ? The excessive predictability of this sign says earthen.

The qualities and faults of Aquarius ascendant Scorpio

The Aquarius ascendant Scorpio personality is one of the most complex of the zodiac. You are both extroverted and extravagant. You like to be surrounded by your loved ones and you constantly seek the attention of others. Be careful, however, because Appearances can be deceiving. You enjoy solitude just as well. And under your airs often considered haughty, you are in reality a funny, sincere and very likeable woman. Your touch of madness and your unfailing good humor seduce a large part of your family members and your circle of friends. They like to spend time with you thanks to your sometimes surprising activity ideas.

Aquarius Rising Scorpio at work

For the Scorpio rising Aquarius, money isn’t everything. In order to flourish in your work, you must imperatively succeed in combining business with pleasure. Passion is an integral part of the path you have chosen. This is your secret to staying in a company. Result ? You do not hesitate to exceed your limits and take up all kinds of challenges. And if you feel out of place, you’re not afraid to get out of your comfort zone opting for a professional retraining. The Aquarius Scorpio ascendant woman has a dominant natural side that can hinder teamwork. Your slogan: you are never better served than by yourself. On good terms!

Aquarius rising Scorpio in love

On the heart side, the word “compromise” is not part of your vocabulary. And for good reason… When the Aquarius woman ascending Scorpio falls in love, the latter gives herself body and soul for her other half. Your romantic relationships are both intense and tumultuous. Although you are more than passionate, your fickle side can also wreak terrible havoc. Conflicts, disputes, reconciliations… Your stories are punctuated by many events. Like a roller coaster in an amusement park. As a good Aquarius Scorpio ascendant, you want to have everything at the same time: the love of your partner while keeping the freedom that is dear to you.

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Here are the character traits of Aquarius rising Scorpio

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