Caroline Roux (The event): “A bit materialistic and possessive”, her astonishing portrait according to astrology

This Wednesday, October 26, Caroline Roux presents a new episode of her political program The event (France 2). The journalist at the helm of C in the air (France 5) remains relatively unknown to the general public. The one who has already interviewed President Emmanuel Macron, is rather discreet about her private life, although she occasionally shares family moments on her Instagram account. The 50-year-old journalist is the mother of two children, a girl, Rosalie (born in 2004) – born from a previous union – and a boy named Marceau (born in 2009), fruits of her union with Laurent Solly, himself. even father of two daughters. But it was not with her son that she discovered motherhood. But who is she in life? His astrological sign, that of Taurus, can tell us a little more about his profile.

The Taurus woman knows exactly what she wants. Stopper, she won’t let go easily before you get it. And in the professional world, it turns out to be formidable. “A bit materialistic“, reports SHE, the native likes to consume but always keeping her feet on the ground. She is also very attached to what she has, and she enjoys curling up in the comfort that she has earned at the cost of real effort. Very faithful in her work as in her relationships, she intends never to betray. The native of the sign is also very maternal. Caroline Roux is very attached to her family and her children and manages to lead a sacred career. “It’s not easy for any working woman. Me, I gave up mornings. Ever since they were little, breakfast is without me. They see me on the air, and the older they get, the more they have an opinion on my interviews. I like their look, I listen to what they say“, she had explained in particular.

Her husband Laurent Solly, a “gaze that elevates (it)

Sometimes the Taurus native can be too shy to dare to show off her abilities, and prefers darkness to light. The simple pleasures of life make her dream more than ephemeral glitter. Security is a very important element in his life, at work as well as in the private sphere. She needs a man who compliments her, with sincerity. A perfect native of Taurus, Caroline Roux had evoked the gaze of her husband, former chief of staff of Nicolas Sarkozy and current boss of Facebook France. Recalling how important her judgment is to her. “He has a look that elevates me, I have a lot of admiration for him, his judgment, his knowledge of history and political life“, she had let it be known. She can also be “a bit possessive“, in his relationships. If his anger is rare, on the other hand, we do not want anyone to have to deal with an angry Taurus woman. Sensitive souls, abstain.

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Caroline Roux (The event): “A bit materialistic and possessive”, her astonishing portrait according to astrology

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