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30 years of magic and magical moments. On April 12, 1992, the Disneyland Paris theme park opened its doors to the public. Thirty years later, children and adults continue to meet there.

Mickey is getting old: his park Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary today. For the occasion, the park pulled out all the stops: drone shows, exceptional parades and surprises of all kinds… The enchanted castle of the Sleeping Beauty may attract a lot of people. For this extraordinary anniversary, a look back at the park’s 10 emblematic attractions.

1 – Peter Pan’s Flight

At first glance, the attraction does not look like much. But once seated in the small flying boats, the magical journey can begin. Scenery, characters and animations, everything is there to make the trip a dream for young and old.

2 – Star Tours

Equipped with 3D glasses, the public is immersed in an intergalactic battle. Immersed in the Star Wars universe, Star Tours is the opportunity to meet the emblematic characters of the films: R2D2, chewbacca or even the Stormtroopers.

3 – Ratatouille

At the size of a small rat, the attraction begins in the kitchens of the restaurant At Remy’s. Mice sneak everywhere, taking the public into wacky hiding places.

4 – Crush’s Coaster: Nemo’s attraction

This little roller coaster makes many fans dizzy. On the back of a turtle, it takes visitors through many aquatic landscapes, while turning on itself.

5 – Phantom Manor

From the queue, the immersion is total: moving paintings, cobwebs and shaking walls. The ride seems calm but don’t forget that this is the house of horror.

6 – It’s a small world: The Dollhouse

“It’s a small world”, an emblematic song of Disneyland Paris and which remains in mind. Fans are welcomed by 241 automated dolls in a magical setting. Something to scare some and amaze others!

7 – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Sensations at the rendezvous! After its crazy success, the Tower of Hell has been updated to finally have a random pattern where anything is possible: climb to the top floor from the start or fall from the 2nd floor to the ground floor!

8 – Pirates of the Caribbean

A walk that is both soothing and magical. Aboard a large boat, the sailors are welcomed by automatons of all kinds: pirates, villagers… But beware of the surprise at the end of the trip: a waterfall!

9 – Big Thunder Mountain: The Mine Train

The carriages of the toy train race at top speed through caves, mines and over water. One of the park’s most iconic attractions.

10 – HyperSpace Mountain

Recently transformed into HyperSpace Mountain: The Star Wars Attraction, the park’s famous attraction continues to cause a stir. A whirlwind start, successive loops and flips… the roller coaster hasn’t finished surprising fans.

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10 emblematic attractions of Disneyland Paris | VL Media

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