Astrology: What will be the atmosphere of the week from August 8 to 14, 2022?

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What does the alignment of the planets have in store for you this week?

This summer, Paris Match invites you to meet every Sunday to predict the general atmosphere of the week that will follow – in other words the “mood” of the coming days – in order to prepare you for the obstacles and opportunities of the days to come. Meeting with Miss Lilyastrologer, tarologist and author of “Astro-crystals: How to use the power of the stars to maximize the influence of your crystals”. What will be the atmosphere during this week from Monday August 8 to Sunday August 14, 2022, Lili?

An intense start to the week

“Intensity” will be the key word, because the planet Venus in Cancer will be in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, self-esteem and Pluto is the planet of intensity, passion, hard-nosed. Pluto will unearth the ideas that have fled within the unconscious, but also reveal certain truths and intensify our connections with our relationships. Venus, enveloped by Pluto, wants to go further and discover things.

Power issues can also arise. As a reminder, Pluto is the planet of personal power. Beware of small interpersonal manipulations and policies with others. We will also either tend to want to take over others, or to let ourselves be overwhelmed by the power of others. And since Venus is in Cancer, which represents family, family wounds and stories can emerge during the start of the week. But you have to let it come, and accept the change. Finally, Pluto being the planet of Scorpio, which is a sign of sexuality and sensuality, a little obsession / compulsion around having a good time can occur at the beginning of the week.

A multifaceted midweek

The middle of the week will be very busy since four astrological phenomena will occur simultaneously. First, the Sun in Leo will come into tension with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of freedom, chaos, the unexpected. This alignment can cause unexpected experiences, a desire for rebellion but also for freedom. There will also be the desire to come into full possession of one’s personal autonomy since the Sun and Uranus square translates the desire to be true, authentic, to be oneself, even if it means shocking others. The midweek atmosphere also makes us want to free ourselves from situations that weigh us down. You just have to be careful not to do it too untimely or impulsively. The process can be done gently, by simply changing old habits.

The second astrological factor that will occur in the middle of the week concerns the planet Venus which changes its sign. She leaves the aquatic sweetness of Cancer to head towards the fiery fire of Leo. Venus will bring us self-esteem, confidence, and clarity about how we interact with others. You feel alive, inspired, full of life. Leo is the sign of self-expression and creativity after all. It is also more in instinct than in logic. So he can make us act wilder, with a bit of drama but also excitement and the will to raise our standards.

At the same time, the planet Mars in Taurus will meet Neptune in Pisces. Mars represents action and energy and will come into contact with Neptune which is intuitive, compassionate and gentle. This will soften the atmosphere described above. There will also be a feeling of letting go, of listening to your inner needs and intuition, of being in the flow. We may want to run away, but not to get lost, rather to go with the flow.

Tension on Thursday

On Thursday, a new moon in Aquarius appears. Aquarius is the sign of novelty and originality, visionaries, non-conformists. This new moon will enter square with Saturn, which will cause some tension. As a reminder, Saturn represents the opposite, that is to say the law, regulations, conformism. So this full moon is going to confront us with the pressure we put on ourselves in life to conform at all costs. We will be caught between freedoms and obligations, between the desire to make different choices but also to make concrete progress in the future. It’s time to establish things for the long term, to reorganize ourselves.

A weekend to take stock

For the weekend, we have once again two different aspects. It’s often like that in the sky, you’ll understand! The Sun in Leo is opposed to Saturn in Aquarius, it is a time of assessment. We can observe the state of our life to clean up. It’s time to ask ourselves how we spend our time, in a practical way. We are realistic.

We also have a beautiful trine between the planet Mars in Taurus – a very productive sign – and the planet Pluto in Capricorn, another productive sign. A creative force will therefore push us to radically change things, to draw on our resources, to reorganize our space and the things in our lives. Taurus does things slowly but surely, and Pluto pushes for deep transformations. This alignment can help us to adopt concrete changes in our life, to manage our anxiety related to change (as Pluto can often represent anxiety). It is to concretely use our inner strengths to move forward.

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Astrology: What will be the atmosphere of the week from August 8 to 14, 2022?

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