Top 2022 – The 10 Highest Rated Games of the Year

We can’t start the year 2023 without doing a little Top 10 of the past year all the same!

The year 2022 has been rich in games on Xbox. Among the long list of more than 600 games that went through our mill, we decided to “highlight” the games that had the 10 best ratings of the year, with a favorite as a bonus.

We could have put twenty, or made a top per editor, but the opinions are so subjective that we decided to focus on the games that made us want to put “a big good mark”.

1/ ELDEN RING – 93/100

We don’t present it anymore, it’s the GOTY on Xbox and elsewhere, for many players.

ELDEN RING is an enchanting game that knows how to convince by its atmosphere, its exploration and the development of our avatar. There are a ton of hours ahead of us to really tell ourselves that we have mastered the inter-earth and it is this lifespan that makes us want to continue despite the “touch” of From Software in difficulty. We always need a dose of discipline and composure because death can strike at any time. But far from being as punishing and frustrating as the brand’s previous games, ELDEN RING knows how to keep the player motivated and show them different possibilities. By going to explore a place to come back stronger, by going to fight on horseback, by invoking spirits… In short, there is always a way to go and have fun.

ELDEN RING is therefore the expected leader.

2/ Somerville – 91/100

Somerville is a magnificent title. Not by its pure graphics, which have nothing to do with a AAA game in terms of textures for example, but by the care taken in the staging, the environments offered and the camera plans often well found. So, yes, Somerville risks disappointing the world with its confusing finale. Yes, moving around in 3D with a fixed camera can lead to some areas of discomfort compared to Inside and its perfectly mastered 2D. But besides that, the staging, the artistic direction, the soundtrack, the visual narration, and finally the quality of the puzzles make it a very great game. Like Inside in its time, it deserves to be in top of the indie game pile. The kind of title that deserves to be highlighted, at the same level as AAA. The good news is that Somerville is available directly in Xbox Game Pass. So we’ll wait to talk about it. Well done Jumpship!

3/ A Plague Tale: Requiem – 87/100

A Plague Tale: Requiem is a nugget. An excellent title that offers excellent narration, stunning beauty and an exceptional soundtrack. In short, one of the best games of this generation of consoles, perhaps even the best. And what’s more, it’s available in the Xbox Game Pass. At least, for once, they are not rats!

4/ Overwatch 2 – 84/100

Overwatch 2 arrives and fans of team FPS are in heaven. A successful transformation for Overwatch 2 which is in continuity but better. It remains a benchmark in its genre with its cartoonish and technical side. And when the PVE mode is present, it could become even more essential. Very solid and a reference of its kind!

5/ Marvel’s Midnight Suns – 82/100

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is efficient and sends wood to every game. The powers are exhilarating, you can combine super tricks by playing on objects, enemy rebounds or boosts. Spawn a hell hole with Ghost Riders to throw the enemy in with a big knee to the chin from Captain Marvel? It’s possible. The game is also quite nice visually especially during battles. The part in our base is more debatable with its well-marked paths and the walk side sometimes in vain. But overall, we are in the action, we like the little slow motions and the battles are exciting!

6/ Pensiveness – 82/100

Obsidian is a studio that needs no introduction and they know their storytelling business. Pentiment is therefore a storytelling and investigation game. The controls are simple and the game responds to our requests without flinching. This title is not stingy in content because 15 to 20 hours will pass without difficulty for your journey. You can always rush or do more of course and above all, you can redo the game to see what it would change to do like this or like that. We would like to complain about Pentiment and say bad things about him, but he even has the luxury of being in the Xbox Game Pass as if to say: look, I’m a good gamer and what’s more, I share my pleasure in playing! A big narrative crush!

7/ The Pedestrian – 82/100

The concept of The Pedestrian is simple. It’s a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer. There are a lot of games of the genre on our consoles, and to stand out, you have to have a little something extra. And The Pedestrian clearly has the little extra of Monsieur Plus! It’s a little nugget like only the independent scene can offer us. We started the year 2022 well with this very good quality platform/puzzle game!

8/ TUNIC – 82/100

It had been a while since TUNIC had shown the tip of his nose. We had already seen small demos running in living rooms since 2017. The development took a long time, but on the one hand, that’s normal, because it was developed by a single man. And we can say that he has talent the guy. Just look at the visuals of the game to be convinced. If you are looking for a good action-adventure game, TUNIC is an excellent vintage. It also has the good idea of ​​being in the Xbox Game Pass. You will have no excuse not to give it a try. Afterwards, we do not promise you great love because indeed, this title clearly does not take you by the hand and could lose more than one along the way.

9/ DEATHLOOP – 81/100

DEATHLOOP is a very good game, a safe bet on our consoles. We waited a year to see it land on Xbox, but the wait was worth it. In addition, it is available in the Xbox Game Pass. If you have nothing against doing and redoing the same thing in the same places several times to advance the story, you can go for it. For once, it will be wrong not to complete!

10/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – 81/100

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is an excellent beat’em up that proves Dotemu’s expertise in the field and the good humor that our favorite Turtles can provide. TMNT shines with its team atmosphere since it is playable at 6! Suffice to say that all the XboxOrNot editorial staff can play with each character! Cowabunga!

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Top 2022 – The 10 Highest Rated Games of the Year

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