Train at home with sports sessions offered by Netflix, with Nike Training Club

Getting (back) into sport is one of the most common good resolutions every new year. And the French are no exception since according to the latest barometer of the French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics practicing regular physical activity is on the podium of good resolutions for 2023 (for 32% of respondents) ahead of spending more time with family (25%) and taking real moments of relaxation for (24%). But the fact remains that the current inflationary context leads the French to make choices about their current expenses, and physical activity is no exception to the rule. Thus, 50% of French people who intended to do so say that inflation has already led them to give up either taking part in a sporting event, taking out or renewing a sports subscription or even buying new equipment. Good news for them, it is now possible to play sports at home thanks to courses offered by the Netflix streaming platform since December 30. And this in direct partnership with an application very well known to fitness enthusiasts: Nike Training Club (NTC).

Getting motivated to exercise isn’t always easy, but the ability to burn calories and then jump straight to one of your favorite shows has a certain appeal. And now that’s exactly what you can do: Netflix members will be able to watch fitness content from Nike Training Club for the very first time. “, announced the platform on its dedicated website. Each Nike Training Club program has several episodes, for a total of 30 hours of exercises divided into several categories (yoga, strength, cardio training). Sessions are available in ten languages ​​(dubbed into French for example), with workouts for all fitness levels and interests. On the side of Nike Training Club, it is stipulated that Netflix members will have access to over 90 workouts that cater to all fitness levels,” feature a dozen world-class trainers from Nike and require little to no equipment and cover a wide range of workout types, durations and intensities.

“Kickstart Fitness with the Basics”, “Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga”…, discover the training programs

The partnership between the two platforms is in two stages: five categories of training programs were launched at the end of December (46 classes), and additional programs will be launched throughout 2023. Each time with the possibility for members to access the programs as they are or to make a selection by type of exercise or duration of the session. Another good news for those who have the application: the courses have never been broadcast on it. Be careful though, to discover these workouts you should type “Nike” in the search bar because they do not automatically appear on the home page. The first batch of classes includes the programs: Kickstart Fitness with the Basics (13 episodes, beginner, bodyweight strength training/aerobics), Two Weeks to a Stronger Core (7 episodes, beginner, HIIT, bodyweight strength training and yoga), Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga (6 episodes, beginner), HIT & Strength with Tara (14 episodes, beginner, HIIT and bodyweight strength training) and Feel-Good Fitness (6 episodes, beginner, strength training with dumbbells).

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It should also be noted that the courses are accessible for all types of subscribers (regardless of the subscription formula) and that no additional cost is announced in the event of viewing from the television, smartphone, tablet or computer. A good reason for the more than 223 million Netflix members around the world to find motivation in just a few clicks to move a little every day and keep this good resolution. And all the more so since in France, 6 out of 10 French people said last year that they had a more sedentary lifestyle than before the health crisis. This new edition of the barometer of the French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics reveals that among respondents, sedentary lifestyle is mainly felt on physical well-being (59%), general fitness (58%) and psychological well-being (56%). Finally, among French people who practice a sport, the duration of practice is increasing and has never been so long, with an average of 4.6 hours (vs. 3.7 hours in 2021). Only downside: men practice an average of 5.3 hours per week against 3.9 hours per week for women.

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Train at home with sports sessions offered by Netflix, with Nike Training Club

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