Summer 2022: 9 museums that have just opened in Europe and elsewhere

Munch Museum, Oslo

In October 2021, the Norwegian capital saw the opening of one of the largest museums in the world to be dedicated to a single artist. This artist is of course the painter Edvard Munch, a true national jewel. An ultramodern vertical building, facing the bay of Oslo, now houses nearly 18,000 works by the author of Shout, not to mention thousands of objects related to his journey.

It is because the city was able to recover all the paintings and drawings not sold by the master on his death in 1944, as well as his studio, that the museum can now offer a collection of such richness, having escaped a certain dispersion over sales. The opportunity to go and marvel at a number of masterpieces inhabited by the mysterious Scandinavian light.

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Federico Fellini International Museum, Rimini (Italy)

Rimini is one of the largest seaside resorts in Europe, but it is also a top cultural destination. Notably because a certain Fellini was born there. The master of Italian cinema is now honored there via a museum entirely dedicated to his works and his poetic and disconcerting aesthetic universe.

The collections, bringing together filming objects, costumes, documents and other scenographies evoking moments from his films, are divided between three distinct places, including the impressive Sismondo castle, designed by Brunelleschi, architect of the Duomo of Florence. To let yourself be drawn into the mythical atmospheres of La Dolce Vita, Juliette des Esprits, Casanova or Amarcord, which was filmed in the streets of the city.

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Queer Britain, London

The first museum dedicated to British LGBTQ+ history and culture, Queer Britain opened its doors a few weeks ago in Granary Square, north London.

The tour, which winds through the rooms of an elegant 19th century brick building, offers a look at culture, political battles, societal struggles and complex living conditions throughout the history of part of the population of the United Kingdom who, until the mid-1960s, still risked prison sentences simply for expressing and experiencing their sexual orientation. A museum as fascinating as necessary.

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Museum of the Future, Dubai

We are not taking too many risks in saying that this new Dubai monument has immediately become one of the most Instagrammable museums on the globe. Inaugurated on February 22, 2022, it takes on the appearance of a huge silver ring placed on a cushion of greenery. The exterior features three poems written in Arabic calligraphy that run all over the steel wall, reminiscent of a fabulous jewel straight out of an oriental tale.

The government of the emirate wishes to make this museum a high place of technological innovation, dedicated to promoting current research in the fields of robotics or artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that the spectacular building will soon be one of the most popular spots for tourists, with the 800-meter high Burj Khalifa tower or the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah palace, facing the sea.

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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Los Angeles

The Parthenon of cinema museums, just that. This is how Tom Hanks described the brand new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which opened its doors in Los Angeles last fall in a former 1930s Art Deco department store. The concept? A place dedicated to the Hollywood adventure from its origins to the present day, with a number of relics, sets or cult objects that have marked the filming and history of American cinema.

In particular, we come across the robots of Star Warsthe shark of Sea teethfigures ofAND and D’Alien, Bruce Lee’s kung fu outfit, the cyborg skinned head of terminatorvarious clothes and accessories worn by stars who have left their mark on the capital of cinema, not to mention period posters, by-products that have become collectors’ items… Conceived as early as the 1920s, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has put nearly a century to see the light of day, but it has already established itself as a must for all Hollywood enthusiasts passing through the City of Angels.

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Murakami Library, Tokyo

Many tourists passing through the Japanese capital take advantage of their visit to see the famous hotel where was filmed Lost in Translation. But now there is another place of emotional pilgrimage for fans of contemporary culture: the Haruki Murakami Library. The space, located on the university campus, accommodates five levels paying homage to the immense writer of Kafka on the shore.

You can consult some 3,000 books there as well as literary studies devoted to his work in archive rooms, listen to his favorite records, often mentioned in his works, discover several of his objects, including his office, or cool off in a cafeteria. enjoying a pastry. Concerts are also held there. A place for all lovers of literature and music.

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Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense (Denmark)

He wrote The little Mermaid, Snow Queen or The ugly Duckling. One of the most influential Danish writers of the 19th century, Hans Christian Andersen is the pride of his hometown, Odense. The storyteller and his fantastic universe thus relive the time of a visit to the museum dedicated to him, opened a few months ago.

A discovery that mixes objects that belonged to the author, manuscripts and contemporary plastic works inspired by scenes from his books, including a strange stained glass window reminiscent of the wings of a fly.

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Facsimile of the Cosquer cave, Marseilles

Visiting the famous Cosquer Cave? So far, mission impossible for ordinary mortals. The cave decorated with spectacular Paleolithic paintings is located 37 meters below the level of the Mediterranean Sea, in the creeks of the Cassis region.

Since its discovery by experienced divers in the 1980s, the cavity has received few visitors, access being perilous and restricted for conservation reasons. But like its cousin Chauvet, in Ardèche, the Cosquer cave now has its perfect copy, which can be visited by everyone, including children. The facsimile has indeed just opened its doors in Marseille in the Mediterranean villa.

Designed to recreate the sensations of a real visit to the site, the route allows you to simulate the descent under water via a basket, before leading to the various rooms where there are representations of penguins, horses and other prehistoric aurochs, sketched by homo sapiens more than 20,000 years ago.

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New Kunsthaus, Zurich

It’s been around since 1910, but last fall Zurich’s Museum of Fine Arts expanded at a stroke with the opening of a completely new wing, becoming Switzerland’s largest art museum. . The recently built building houses the prestigious Bührle collection, largely made up of masterpieces of French painting ranging from the Impressionist period to the avant-garde of the early 20th century.

The space, which presents 200 paintings, does not ignore the controversy surrounding the dubious origin of certain paintings, which would have been acquired by Emil Bührle following the spoliations of Jewish families during the Second World War and thanks to the income from the sale of arms.

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Summer 2022: 9 museums that have just opened in Europe and elsewhere

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