Maguy: how does it end?

Between 1985 and 1993, the French had a sacred rendezvous every Sunday evening with “Maguy”. If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot points of “Maguy” as well as its ending.

Created by Jean-Guy Gingembre and Stéphane Barbier, Maguy made an impression as the first French sitcom. Adapted from the American sitcom Maude, it made its debut on Antenne 2 – which later became France 2 – on September 8, 1985.

From then on, every Sunday evening will be reserved for the daily hassles of Maguy Boissier (Rosy Varte), an active and dynamic 50-year-old and town hall employee, who leads her third husband Georges (Jean-Marc Thibault), store manager of appliances, by the tip of the nose. Living in the village of Vézinet (with a z for the fictitious side), in the Parisian suburbs, they are surrounded by their housekeeper Rose (Marthe Villalonga), Caro (Sophie Artur) and Jérôme (Tony Leteurtois), the daughter and Maguy’s grandson, and local regulars.

At its peak, the series had around 7 million viewers. In nine years of broadcasting, Maguy has thus conquered the hearts of the French and its charm has even crossed borders: the show has indeed been a great success in Italy, Russia, Greece and Argentina, among others. A remake is also about to see the light of day on Amazon Prime Video today with Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen.

While its last episode – 26 minutes as usual – was broadcast in November 1993 without the public knowing it, reruns continued until the following year. It was finally on December 11, 1994, on the set of the Stade 2 program, that Rosy Varte formalized the end of the series. Everything ends with episode 333, entitled “Mothers’ crisis”, of which here is the summary.


She often sees red, things move with her, that’s Maguy”: after the iconic credits, the episode begins with Maguy and her mother Emma (Hélène Duc) discussing the arrival of Amélie (Mado Maurin), Georges’ mother, and her boyfriend Henri (Maurice Baquet). The couple comes to announce a surprise and everyone thinks they have guessed: a wedding! Emma is jealous, she too would like to have a companion even if no man can replace her Colonel, Maguy’s late father. She does not accept the fact that Amélie, whom she considers to be a country girl “with her aprons and her big clogs”, has succeeded in seducing an agrifood industrialist while she remains alone. She would especially like to win the heart of a retired doctor who could help her with her rheumatism!

Maguy how does it end
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Later, while it is snowing heavily, Henri arrives at 22 Allee des Fontaines on skis and without Amélie: Georges asks him where his mother is. Henri replies that she preferred to take the train because she had an appointment with her notary. Georges would like to know more but Henri replies that he cannot say anything until his companion returns.

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While they wait for Amélie, Emma decides to charm Henri and continues to flirt with him openly. When Amélie finally arrives, he is playing the cello for Emma, ​​which greatly displeases his companion. Between the mothers-in-law, the tension is at its height and the two women are only throwing spades (hilarious) each in turn.

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Finally, Amélie and Henri announce their big news: they are going to move to Vézinet where they have bought a huge property – three hectares if you please! Everyone is delighted. Unfortunately, Amélie also announces to her son that she is going to sell their farm in Auvergne to be able to participate in the purchase of their new house. Georges is upset: he is about to lose all his roots.

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The next day, at breakfast, Georges is still angry. He tells his mother to be careful because Henri has not married her yet. So, if she sells her house and he leaves her, she will have nothing left. She then tells him two things: the new house is in her name – which is why she wants to participate in its purchase – and Georges would like to marry her but it is she who is making him wait. As Rose, who prepares breakfast, said then, a man “you have to make him languish”: that’s how she got her Raymond! Amelie approves.

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After flirting with Henri throughout the episode – without reciprocity – Emma is reprimanded by Maguy before finally confiding to her daughter that she is going to draw a line under him but that she still wishes to remain in his intimacy. Maguy is perplexed and asks him for an explanation. Emma replies that by coming to settle in the area, he will surely bring some new blood with him and that she will then be able to meet a distinguished man, free… and a doctor! Mother and daughter then start laughing.

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For his part, Georges is still devastated and drinks to forget. But Rose has an idea that she confides in the hollow of her ear: a brilliant idea it would seem since Georges suddenly finds the peach and jumps into her arms while kissing her on both cheeks with enthusiasm. Later, we learn the reason for his rediscovered joy: he offers his mother to buy the farm from him. This one is thrilled, just like the rest of her entourage.

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The whole gang then gathers and places their hands on top of each other. Georges begins to sing ‘Les Fiancés d’Auvergne’ by André Verchuren and everyone accompanies him, singing and dancing. The image of the happy group freezes. End of Maguy.

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