Star Academy: Léa’s very “diva” attitude exasperates internet users

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A full box for the new season of Star Académy on TF1? On Twitter, during the daily newspaper this Tuesday, October 18, Internet users were very satisfied with the new promotion and the teachers. But Léa, self-proclaimed “diva” student of the season, was their only downside. According to them, the somewhat capricious young woman could be a reality TV recruit.

This Tuesday, October 18 around 5:45 p.m., TF1 viewers could find the second daily of the new season Star Academy. The opportunity to get to know the students of the class better, but also with the teaching staff. Thus, the teachers of sport, dance and singing began their follow-up with the seeds of stars. If Internet users were very nostalgic for former teachers, starting with Armande Altai, Kamel Ouali Where Raphaelle Riccithe new recruits, against all odds, were able to seduce them.

Adeline Toniutti, the flamboyant red-haired vocal coach, won over with her energy and crazy techniques: those of the kissing mouth or the chameleon tongue left their mark. The ex-opera singer also showed that she knew how to show authority, by correcting the postures and reframing the too talkative Julien.

Yanis Marshall, the colorful dance teacher, also convinced thanks to a mix of funny and demanding punchlines. In 1h30, he managed the feat of learning the choreography of the anthem to the candidates, just before the shooting of the clip. Regarding the students too, satisfaction is there, according to the comments on Twitter. While many feared to find candidates fed on reality TV, it is clear that the casting is not outrageous. Among the recruits, some even seem reserved, like Chris or Anisha, or “top of the class” like Enola.

As noticed by Internet users, the students are indeed at the castle to work, and if clashes will certainly be expected for the next few weeks, they will surely not constitute the essence of the daily newspapers. But among all these good surprises, one element of the cast still saddened the viewers: during the prime-time last Saturday, they discovered Léa, a young woman self-proclaimed “diva”, who interpreted Listen by Beyoncé.

“She wants to be the diva but still has a lot to learn”

Since her arrival at the castle, the young woman has been talked about a lot, because of her particular attitude, halfway between casualness and capriciousness. Thus, during the outdoor sports class, she was choosy, saying she was “disgusted by the grass”. During the dance class, she was reprimanded by Yanis who did not appreciate that she yawned openly: “yawn in my head next time, it’s really rude in real life […] Wake up, it’s the first day and you’re already yawning my daughter…”, he then vigorously launched to her. Later, while Tiana, the youngest of the promo, was rehearsing a song for the prime- time, Léa dragged Carla into a fit of laughter, because of a mispronunciation, enough to push the coach to get them out of the room for a few minutes…

“Even when she plays sports, she’s the diva. She believes that she’s the Beyoncé, that everyone is at her disposal, that she can do what she wants”, reacted about her Tiana. On the bird social network, many like her take a dim view of the student’s attitude. According to them, she would be there for the buzz and her very “reality TV” reactions would clash with the good-natured atmosphere of the program. Especially since some question his musical culture: they indeed understood during the episode that Léa did not know Julien Clerc, who will be present during the bonus on Saturday.

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Star Academy: Léa’s very “diva” attitude exasperates internet users

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