Witchy beauty: a touch of magic in the bathroom

A wave of the magic wand is often the desired effect by applying a cream or a foundation. A somewhat overused word when it appears in the name of the product, to be taken literally. Never, however, have rituals linked to the Moon, crystals or the world of witchcraft been so visible, promoted by social networks and adopted by a young (and not so young) generation inclined to re-enchant the world. The beauty department is no exception. Beyond the seasonal collections that honor the muse of Halloween – I named the squash – most witchy products are based above all on active ingredients drawn from nature, the first provider of magical ingredients. ! We know that simplicity and a return to basics are the key to an optimistic future. And to make this frugality sexy, nothing like a pretty esoteric dressing.

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La Poudre Magique radiance & youth, The Call of the Forest, vitamin C and collagen, Garancia, approx. 32 fr. the 6 g.

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Sparkly Pumpkin Shower Jelly, Lush, 13 fr. the 100g.

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Pumpkin Spice vegan lip balm, crazy rumors, approx. 5 fr.

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Pumpkin Patch Princess Matte Nail Polish, Essence, approx. 2 fr. the 8 ml.

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Youth Elixir, acai and jasmine, Yemanja, 59 fr. the 30 ml.

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Natural Magic Plant, miracle serum, Merci Handy, approx. 29 fr. the 30 ml.

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Magic cream, healthy glow effect, Couleur Caramel, approx. 39 fr. the 30 ml.

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Midnight Beauty, revitalizing rose and coriander serum and 10 harmonizing oils, Flowerspice, approx. 120 fr. the 30 ml.

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Pumpkins Pretty Please! Eye Palette, Essence, 8 fr. 95.

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To practice

The lunar diary Essential for any budding witch, to live to the rhythm of Mother Moon and reconnect with the power of the sacred feminine. In addition to the Full and New Moon rituals, you can adjust your beauty gestures to this cycle (waxing, hair removal, drainage, etc.).


“Agenda 2023, Living in harmony with the Moon”, Éditions 365

Become familiar with crystals A book to learn about lithotherapy, use stones to fight against stress, gain self-confidence, anchor yourself. With a theoretical introduction and above all plenty of room to write down your own emotions, using stickers.


“My spiritual awakening notebook: Crystals”, Éditions Exergue

A workshop The Alpina Hotel in Gstaad suggests concocting a few simple beauty products, bath salts, scrubs, masks, using plants from the region, during a one-hour activity in its Six Senses spa (open to the public).


Alchemy Bar, workshop 60 min + entrance to the spa, 210 fr. (opening of the hotel on December 9) thealpinagstaad.ch

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Witchy beauty: a touch of magic in the bathroom

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