What to do this Halloween weekend 2022 in Brussels?

From 27/10 to 6/11, the oracle Brusselslife guides you through monstrous activities, good witchcraft tips and deadly nightlife outings in the capital for Halloween! Happy fall vacation!

If you too don’t know what to do for Halloween or during these extended autumn holidays, Brusselslife has the solution! For your greatest pleasure, the Brusselslife team has scoured the bars, parties of all kinds and the darkest depths of Brussels to offer you the cream of the crop in terms of frightening and bloody horrors… You are shaking excitement? Or fear…

The Day of the Dead takes over the Brussels night… Terrifying activities for young and old. Trrremble this weekend poor mortals!

A vibrant Halloween night where the dead dance

Most of them invite you to dress up, without any obligation, but why not, basically, it’s only once a year… Everywhere, you can almost enjoy fabulous make-up. In addition, it’s time off, no reason not to take advantage of it!

Halloween spirits also take possession of the Cafe des Halles Saint-Géry on October 29 from 7 p.m., for a most spooky evening. On the program: bloody cocktails and frenzied music that will carry you through the night.

It’s a setting worthy of the Bayou of New Orleans that will welcome you to the GreenLab this Saturday, October 29 for Halloween… Drink in delicious potions, but beware… Vodoo spirits are on the prowl…

In the heart of a wood haunted by a thousand demons sits a sordid place where to dance until the last light of the moon in the company of the people of vampires… Winter Games take you on a dance of death…

This Thursday evening, the Ixelles Cemetery will have a wonderfully scary atmosphere in particular… The WAFF dresses in blue and invites you to chase after a certain rabbit on this Halloween night! If the party starts around 5:30 p.m., there’s no way you’ll be late too, because the party will go on until the end of the night!

May the best disguise win

Still at the Ixelles Cemetery, the Korner turns into a meeting place for monsters and undead… Bloodshot and Happy Hour, from 9 to 10 p.m. Something to wake up the dead in the cemetery opposite…

Evening in the stars At your mother’s house, space cocktails, this Saturday 29 with DJs Kinkle and Zéro Respectos. Han Solo and his princess are waiting for you for THE galactic party!

You doubt your reason and think it would be so much to do a check up? The doctors and nurses of Spirito will welcome you with open arms to their asylum. Come experience your most terrible fantasies with Cyano DJs and the famous Hoodini.

Horror activities (or not) with family or friends for Halloween

Dia de los muertos Belgian style

Immerse yourself in the heart of Mexican culture honored for our Day of the Dead. CC Bruegel has partnered with the district of Marolles to offer us a colorful All Saints Day from October 30 to November 5.

You could also follow the gory stories that the city hides behind its walls, in a guided tour that will give you goosebumps! ! Brussels by Foot invites you to learn more about the crimes that have painted Brussels red since the 18th century.

Tours and Taxis also take you into their basements and make you relive your greatest cinematic fears with their exhibition Helltopia which will take place from October 21 to November 6.

If you want to take advantage of the rather mild weather and avoid locking yourself in, try to escape the attacks of zombies in the city by participating in the urban escape game, Cody. Here, no need to book a date, you can go on an adventure whenever you want with only your smartphone and your courage.

On the heights of Brussels, enjoy a night of horror at Kinépolis for Halloweenin VO and VF!

Isn’t the Day of the Dead the right day to visit… a cemetery? Discover the list of the most remarkable cemeteries in Brussels and avoid disturbing the dead by passing in front of the place of their eternal rest…

Let the Pumpkins Guide You
Like every year, the Museum of Fantastic Art will amaze you with the halloween festival ! On the program: monsters, witches and leprechauns, games, Halloween golf and a witchcraft diploma. To pass your exams, you will need a wand, a pointed hat, a cauldron, and of course your owl!

Halloween monsters are invading Europe! Finally… Europe in miniature Mini Europe ! Come dressed up to have fun and shiver in the company of pumpkins and zombies… It’s until November 6th.

Cinema, concerts, shows and theatre: it’s show!

This weekend, the TRAC throws you out of whack with its proper improv evenings… Shows of 2 x 45 minutes in this great cabaret in Auderghem. Hold on tight, because more than one skeleton has lost its jaws laughing!

The international festival of young audience cinema is back from October 23 to November 2 in Brussels! Fancy a canvas with the family? This is the occasion with the Filem’On – International Film Festival for Young Audiences.

If you don't come out as happy as these pumpkins, we'll eat our hats off.

Isn’t discovering Cocu the horror story of every marriage? Are you sure? Tania Garbarski and Michel Kacenelenbogen might just change your mind in their play Duck à l’Orange. If you too want to turn your fears into slices of laughter, go to the Public Theater during the month of November.

Throughout the month of November, the café-theatres will be celebrating with “Brussels on stage”, the capital’s cabaret and café-theatre festival! Get your pass now…

Ars Musica has been delighting us with musical adventures for 33 years already! And it continues to delight our ears again this year from November 18 to December 2 in the biggest venues in the capital: BOZAR, Botanique, Palace…

Exhibitions and museums where to drag the toes of your offspring

Do you know the Pajottenland? This beautiful country region at the gates of Brussels, the “Belgian Tuscany”, to the west of the capital in the municipalities of Dilbeek, Lennik, Ternat… Did you know in particular that the great Brueghel liked to go there to find inspiration for his paints ? Discover the different journey possible by bike and lots of activities until the end of the year!
For Halloween come as you are

Rediscover the dark and yet magical past of our medieval Brussels. Dive into the world of magic theaters at Porte de Hal until mid-December!

If you are still hesitating and do not know what you will be able to do during these extended autumn holidays, you can also go to the Brussels Sewer Museum for an incongruous visit. You will learn more about the dark and mysterious depths of our city than you would expect.

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What to do this Halloween weekend 2022 in Brussels?

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