What to do this Halloween weekend 2022 in Brussels?

What to do this Halloween weekend 2022 in Brussels

From 27/10 to 6/11, the oracle Brusselslife guides you through monstrous activities, good witchcraft tips and deadly nightlife outings in the capital for Halloween! Happy fall vacation! If you too don’t know what to do for Halloween or during these extended autumn holidays, Brusselslife has the solution! For your greatest pleasure, the Brusselslife team has … Read more

In Me I Trust, life coaching in Brussels and remotely.

In everyone’s existence, two things never lie: the body and its signals, and the events of life. Treat ailments differently After studying law and economics, Manu worked in the banking sector. His career is tainted by a recurring concern: strong migraines accompanied by nausea. No doctor manages to relieve him, he has no apparent physiological … Read more

Mayan beliefs, purification of the soul, reincarnation: 50 years in prison for a Brussels man who murdered his children in Spain

The sentence is commensurate with the atrocity of the facts: Gabriel Carvajal, a Belgian national in his thirties, was sentenced Wednesday evening by the Valencia court to twice 25 years in prison, with a maximum incarceration of 40 years. His Spanish partner, Maria Gombau, co-author but considered irresponsible for her actions at the time of … Read more