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For the first time, the independent studio supergiant Games will release a sequel to one of its games: Hades. simply titled Hades IIthis suite is the fifth creation of Supergiant Games and will initially be released in early access on computer via Steam and Epic Games Store in 2023. The game was first revealed at the event The Game Awards 2022, where a first trailer was released. In addition to featuring gameplay footage, it contains animation produced by Grackle Studiowho had previously worked on the Hades 1.0 trailer first of the name. We have included the credits below, which also allow us to have confirmation that the artist Jen Zee is back to character design, and that Darren Korb is once again composing the music, with other key members of Supergiant Games alongside them, including the screenwriter Greg Kasavin. Subsequently, Supergiant Games released the first information about the game, along with a Official FAQs. For example, we already learn that the developers also plan to release the game on consoles. The platforms affected will be announced closer to finalizing the final version of Hades II, as the latter is in full production. Supergiant Games says player feedback during key phases of development was integral to the creation of the original Hades game. The team therefore wishes to renew the experience once the game is more advanced.

Hades II takes up the formula dungeon crawler roguelike of the first episode, this time with a focus on witchcraft. We are promised a lot of action, infinite replayability and a captivating and unique experience with each game. The adventure will ask you to go into battle beyond the underworld of Greek mythology with the objective of defeating the Titan of Time. Hades II is indeed a direct sequel whose story takes place some time after the events of the first game. However, Supergiant Games specifies thatit will not be necessary to know Hades first of the name to enjoy Hades II, although there will be many links between the two.

We embody this time Melinoe, the immortal princess of the Underworld. Chronos, the Titan of Time and the evil father of Hades and his brothers, escaped after his imprisonment in the depths of the Underworld in order to start a war within Olympus. Supergiant Games wanted to create a larger and deeper mythical world, where it will be necessary to defeat the forces of the Titan with the help of all the power of Olympus which will be behind Melinoë.

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The progress of our epic will be based on our failures and our successes. There will be new areas to explore, challenges, different upgrade mechanics and more to discover as you progress through the ever-evolving underworld. Supergiant Games specifies that Melinoë is indeed based on the deity of the same name from the Underworld. She is the sister of Zagreus (hero of the first game) and is therefore linked to Hades. However, little is known about Melinoë, and this is precisely what made Supergiant Games want to explore its history and its connection with its family, while expanding the vision of the Underworld according to the studio.

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Melinoë has the ability to master witchcraft and black magic. She will be able to imbue her legendary dark weapons with ancient magic, and grow even stronger with the powerful boons bestowed by more than a dozen Olympian gods,Apollo at Zeus. There will be almost unlimited ways to develop the heroine’s abilities. In addition, we will meet dozens of fully voiced characters (in English), including many new faces in addition to the return of old friends from Zagreus. We will be able to bond with them with new interactions that were not present in the first Hades, which will also allow us to experience a large number of unique events based on the course of our journey. Moreover, the fashion divine will be back and will allow you to get greater rewards by participating in increasingly difficult challenges.

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Supergiant Games promises a rich and atmospheric game coupled with a narration with a good dose of action to respect the trademark of the studio. There will be new, brightly colored hand-painted environments, even smoother real-time 3D characters, and an electrifying soundtrack bringing the mythical world of Hades II to life. As for the question of the connection between witchcraft and Greek myths, Supergiant Games explains that witchcraft is an integral part of many Greek myths, including some of the most famous, as well as those that inspired the first Hades and of course this sequel. Hecate, the secret goddess of sorcery and crossbreeding, is at the heart of this ancient, often feared and misunderstood practice. She plays an important role in the classical mythology surrounding Hades and the Underworld, and has been an influential and deeply fascinating figure in sorcery, myth and folklore in a variety of cultures for thousands of years, so much so that developers felt they needed a whole new game to try and do it justice.

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Supergiant Games says that as with the first Hades, its goal is to be true to the spirit of their inspirations, classic source material,Homer at Hesiod. This extends to the game’s depiction of sorcery, given its close ties to many of the myths and characters central to both games. For the creators, the mythological tales of ancient gods and heroes live by being told, adapted and filtered by new viewpoints through time, and they will be delighted to share theirs once again.

Supergiant Games announces Hades II first info trailer images artwork

Supergiant Games also explains the decision to produce a sequel, a first for the studio. Hades II has been in development since early 2021, and Hades is the game the developers love the most, and the one they loved creating together as a team. Since he drew a lot of inspiration from classical Greek mythology, they always imagined the possibility of creating new stories in his universe. However, with just one game, it wasn’t enough for them. With each of their projects over the years, they sought out a new challenge that tested the creativity of the team, allowing them to learn more about how to make games together. . Among those challenges, which they long considered, was trying to design a sequel that could recapture its predecessor’s sense of wonder and fun, especially as some of their all-time favorite games included. have reached. However, they wondered if they were really capable of it. Hades II, with its new perspective on a dark yet appealing aspect of Greek mythology, gave them the opportunity to find out. They also aim to continue to develop the core ideas that have captivated them since the early days of Supergiant Games, while expanding the world of Hades in various ways that they find very exciting, and therefore hope it will be found too. .

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Still based in San Francisco, California, Supergiant Games now has over 20 people in his team (slightly more than when the first Hades was created), including the seven members who created the first game, Bastion, who worked together in their respective roles on all of the studio’s titles. As stated again on his official site, Supergiant Games is still working on one project at a time and is therefore fully working on Hades II right now. The developers aim to create a sequel to live up to its predecessor, which won over 70 awards following the release of version 1.0 in 2020, with Supergiant Games considering it to be its most successful game ever. successful. For people who don’t own Hades yet, the game costs €12.49 instead of €24.99 until December 28 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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Trailer Credits

Achievement : Spencer Wan

Script : Greg Kasavin

character design : Jen Zee, Spencer Wan

Storyboard : Spencer Wan

key animation : Curie Lu, Gareth Wong, Tam Lu, Deanna Trudeau, Tessa Bright, Abroo Khan, Cassie Urban, Spencer Wan

Animation in between : Robby Cook

clean up animation : Robby Cook, Winnie Lu, Tessa Bright, Cassie Urban, Abroo Khan, Tam Lu, Deanna Trudeau, Gareth Wong, Curie Lu, Spencer Wan

Senior Set Designer : Jane Bak

Illustrations of the sets : Leland Goodman, Jane Bak

Composition : Craig Newicki

Assembly : Shaun Finney, Spencer Wan

Sound design : Darren Korb, Spencer Wan

Music : Darren Korb

Capturing gameplay phases : James Auck

The voice actors (in their order of appearance) : Judy Alice Lee for Melinoë, Amelia Tyler for Hécate, Sterling Sulieman for Moros, Colin Ryan for Apollo, Becca Q. Co for Némésis, Erin Yvette for Dora, Logan Cunningham for Hadès

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Supergiant Games announces Hades II, first info, trailer, images, artwork and official FAQ – Nintendo-Difference

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