Destiny: the Winx saga: are there too many sex scenes in the Netflix series?

Magic but also love reign at Alféa. In Destiny: The Winx Saga, we witness, as in the cartoon, budding love stories between fairies and specialists. But in the Netflix series, sex scenes have been added. And according to Internet users, they have no place in the franchise.

Fans shocked by sex scenes in Destiny: The Winx Saga

In season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga, Bloom, Stella, Terra, Musa, Aïsha and Flora try to thwart the plans of Rosalind, the new director of Alféa. The students of the school of magic train to fight evil and channel their powers. But between witchcraft, monsters and company, the fairies and the specialists remain teenagers who discover love, and also sex. Only, for fans of the Netflix series, the sex scenes are too numerous, and especially have no place in a live-action on the winx club. The tweets of Internet users bear witness to this.

Especially since episode 1 of season 2, released on September 16, 2022, opens with a sex scene. If everyone is delighted to find the fairy Flora, whose absence had angered the fans in season 1, these intimate moments between teenagers annoy Internet users, and even spoil all the fun for them. However, there are no more than two scenes, if not less, per 50-minute episode.

Destiny: The Winx Saga Compared to Elite and 50 Shades of Gray

Worse still, Destiny: The Winx Saga is even compared to the elite series because of the Riven, Dane and Beatrix threesome scenes, and even the movies 50 Shades of Gray. Without forgetting of course, 365 dni.

In fact, the fans would have liked a version of the Winx like the cartoon of our childhood, that is to say very childish, silly, cute. Except that Netflix took the risk of making it darker, adding to that one thing that many teenagers discover at the age of 17: sexuality. Yes, some scenes such as the threesomes might be too much, although they do highlight an overarching topic like bisexuality. But sex scenes, not explicit, between two teenagers who discover each other, are not to be banned. And nothing to do with movies 365 dni who promotes rape culture. Ditto for 50 Shades of Grey, which is much rawer and more explicit.

It is worth remembering that the Netflix series was only inspired by the cartoon. The writing and the style, as well as the absence of certain characters can indeed irritate, but the platform never promised a live-action copied and pasted from the initial story.

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Destiny: the Winx saga: are there too many sex scenes in the Netflix series?

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