Harry Potter: the franchise soon to return to cinemas?

Faced with the global success of the Harry Potter saga, the phenomenon could well make its big comeback in cinema.

While since 2011, Harry Potter no longer appears in the cinema, an astonishing declaration opens the doors of the possible. In effect, the saga could well return to the big screen. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Harry Potter: The Worldwide Phenomenon

It’s no secret, the Harry Potter saga marked the history of cinema. Indeed, the eight films brought together a staggering number of viewers. The latter then rushed into the rooms to discover the crazy adventures of this band of wizards. And that’s not to mention the books, which sold like hotcakes!

It must be said that with Harry Potter, viewers find themselves immersed in a crazy universe. Between black magic, magical creatures and witchcraft, impossible to get bored watching the eight films of the saga.

This global phenomenon is also carried by the entire cast. While they were revealed very young, the stars of the film very quickly found themselves projected on the front of the stage. If this notoriety doesn’t always seem easy to managethe latter continue to stand out.

Starting with Emma Watson. If the actress revealed in Harry Potter has seen her career take off thanks to the saga, she also retains all the encounters she has been able to make. Besides, if there is one person who still remains in his heart, it’s Tom Felton.

Today, while the Harry Potter adventure has been over for several years for the actors, it continues to animate the fans. And for the greatest happiness of the latter, the films could well make their big comeback in the cinema. MCE TV tells you more!

The saga back in the cinema?

The Harry Potter saga ended in 2011 with the release of the last installment in cinemas. And yet, fans continue to bring this global phenomenon to life. They don’t hesitate to go to filming locationsto watch films over and over again or to buy derivative objects.

In short, Harry Potter seems still very present in the hearts of fans. However, the films of the saga do not appear in the cinema. If many fans have had the chance to discover the phenomenon on the big screen, for others this is not the case. What frustrates them so…

But don’t panic, Warner Bros. Discovery may well remedy this. Indeed, in an interview given to a specialist, the group’s CEO made some big announcements. He said he wanted “focus on franchises”.

David Zaslav then clarified: “The DC movies and the Harry Potter films have provided a large part of the profits for Warner Bros over the past 25 years. » I have to say that the success of the saga does not slow down and therefore pushes the group to review its strategy.

If the latter seem ready for the return of Harry Potter to the cinema, it will be necessary to wait for the agreement of JK Rowling. The CEO then confided: “We’ll see if we can do something with JK to get Harry Potter moving forward. »

One thing is certain, the Harry Potter phenomenon has not said its last word. To be continued.

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Harry Potter: the franchise soon to return to cinemas?

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