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As in other previous FromSoftware RPGs, it is not entirely clear which factions Ring of Elden are “good” or “evil”; the Golden Order may have been a beacon of civilization destroyed by betrayal Where a conquering Imperial power, while the sinister assassins of the Volcano Manor faction might be blasphemous killers Where heroic rebels against the tyranny of Erdtree. The Volcano Manor area of Ring Elden, noble intentions of its inhabitants aside, is surely a grim-looking place, surrounded by lava and infested with serpentine creatures. The more players investigate the secret passages and twisted quests of Volcano Manor, the more dark secrets they uncover regarding Lord Rykard’s blasphemy and his long-term plans.

In the opening cutscene of Ring of Elden, players are presented with both a narrative and a recovery and restoration goal; according to the hoarse-voiced narrator, Ring of EldenThe Golden Order of was a splendid thing that once united the Lands Between in peace and abundance. Then the Elden Ring was shattered and the Golden Order torn apart by the civil war of power-hungry demigods. In this worldview, the player character and other tarnished protagonists are prodigal heroes, chosen by the grace of the Great Will to dethrone the unworthy Demigods, claim their Great Runes, and build a new Golden Order as than Lord Elden.

Some NPCs from Ring of EldenThe open world of , however, claims this narrative to be a lie – that the Golden Order and the Two Fingers speaking for the Great Will are a dogmatic force of oppression seeking to use the Tarni as pawns. Players who see reason in these arguments may find themselves aligning themselves with the demigod known as Ring of Elden‘s Lunar Princess Ranni, which seeks to replace the Erdtree Age with a Star Age. Others may revolve around the words of Tanith, leader of Volcano Manor, who sends players on missions to assassinate other Tarnisheds. This raises two questions; Why are the members of Volcano Manor enemies of the Golden Order, and what twisted blasphemies have they adopted in order to gain the power to rise up against the Erdtree?

Zorayas of Elden Ring leads players to the secret passages of Volcano Manor

Many players will be recruited in Ring of EldenThe Volcano Manor society after encountering Rya, a leaning and suspicious woman who will teleport players directly to the red-lit halls of the Volcano Manor estate itself. After completing two assassination quests, Rya oddly becomes much more friendly and trustworthy after revealing his true form and identity – a shawl-wearing humanoid snake named Zorayas. Zorayas proudly expresses the belief that she is the daughter of Tanith, the ruler of Volcano Manor, “born by the grace of a glorious king.” If the player speaks to the golden-masked Tanith, however, the head of Volcano Manor will refer to herself as Zorayas’ “adoptive mother” and laments that she “barely deserves the sweet child.” Later in the full Zorayas or Rya questline, she tells the player about a strange sight she saw – a crawling serpent figure like herself that wandered into a side room and never came out.

This clue to Zorayas will lead players to a room in Volcano Manor with an illusory wall, and from there to a secret passage that players can use to traverse the inner depths of Ring of Elden‘s Volcano Manor. Among the many enemies players can encounter here are snake-men in the form of Zorayas, proof that her existence isn’t as unique as she first believed. If players discover and give Zorayas a “Serpent Amnion” key item, the soft-spoken serpent-woman will discover the terrible truth: she and her kin were not born from Tanith of Volcano Manor, Rykard, or a “glorious king”, but hideous rituals of a mad madwoman. Crushed by this revelation, she asks the player character to kill her, though the Tanith Mercy will offer players an alternative in the form of a Tonic Of Forgetfulness.

Rykard uses Volcano Manor to attract and devour Tarnished Heroes

Whether navigating the hidden areas of Volcano Manor or completing enough assassination missions for Tanith, players can eventually access the Ring of Elden boss known as Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy, a demigod child of Rennala who sought the power needed to destroy the Erdtree and found it in an immortal god-devouring serpent. The description of the Great Rune Ring of Elden‘s Rykard falls once defeated reveals what happened next:

“[…] Rykard fed on the blasphemous serpent, the Great Rune and all.”

In his infernal boss room, Rykard appears as a scaled face protruding from the side of the serpent’s belly, urging the player to “join the Serpent King as a family“so they can together”devours the gods themselves.” The description of the keepsake players gain from Rykard’s death provides more context for his statement:

“Rykard took on the form of a giant snake that he could devour, grow and live forever. ” I understand. The road to blasphemy is long and perilous. One cannot walk there without being prepared for sin.”

Victorious Ring of Elden players can use this memory to unlock a new weapon and sorcery spell, which further flesh out Rykard’s goals and plans. The great bloody sword called the Blasphemous Blade has this description:

“Sacred Sword of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. The remains of the countless heroes he devoured twist on the surface of this blade.

Now they share the same blood, bonded like family.”

The Sorcery Rancor of the Rykard, which summons a burning skull, has an equally sinister description:

“These spirits manifest in the grudge of heroes who met a violent end. The lord granted them an audience, after which they were welcomed by the mouth of the great serpent – ​​and in the entrails of the serpent they became the parents of the lord.”

Of these four Ring of Elden essential item descriptions, it is possible to piece together a sold picture of Rykard’s original motivations and current agenda. The blasphemous serpent that Rykard fed on was an immortal being, capable of rising from death; by becoming one with him, Rykard would also become immortal, able to challenge the Erdtree again and again until he defeated him. Additionally, Rykard and the serpent he was part of could become more powerful with each new victim devoured. And so Volcano Manor – both as a place and an institution – became a vessel to feed Rykard’s appetites. The wheeled machines called the abducting virgins dragged new corps or recruits to join Ring of Elden‘s Volcano Manor, while the Manor’s best assassins were invited to have an “audience” with their lord, who would devour them and add their strength to his own.

The darkest secret of Ring of EldenThe Volcano Manor region could be this: Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, will never be strong enough to destroy the Erdtree, for his thirst for power will never be quenched.

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