The Publication Director of the newspaper le Jour supports Dr. Polain Nzobeuh’s statement on the dangerousness of this meal, and is offended by the attacks of which this Biologist-therapist is a victim on social networks.

The controversy has still not subsided around the Beignet-Bean-Bouillie, this atypical dish from Cameroon prized by the populations, which would be ” Africa’s most poisonous meal “, according to the Biologist-therapist Polain Nzobeuh. Since this release on Saturday July 30, 2022, this researcher has suffered from lightning virtual attacks on social networks and has been sent to the guillotine.

Internet users dedicate him to loathing, accusing him of having made an unfounded and unjustified statement while trying to dissuade Cameroonians in love with this delicious meal, and yet criminal in his opinion.

Moreover, he found support among the intellectual class, coming from Haman Manathe editor of the daily The daywho prefers to give him the benefit of the doubt in a message on his Facebook account.

Here is the text published by Haman Mana on Facebook:

My Bhb stories…

For many months, I stopped telling my stories collected around the home of Beignet Haricot bouillie, in my neighborhood. But the “opportunity is too good today, since one of our eminent researchers has laid down a verdict which shakes the whole nation”. The most poisonous meal in Africa is boiled bean fritters,” he said.

A statement that had ten thousand times the effect of a “psstt” of flour dough falling into white-hot oil. Volleys of green wood, outcry, witchcraft trials, personal attacks, questioning of diplomas and qualifications… The verdict of the virtual hysterical crowd (fortunately) is without appeal: to the pillory!

No one wanted to know more, neither about the saturation of oils and health, even less about the deleterious effect of sugar in the body, and even less about weight gain following the immoderate consumption of certain foods. “We would have already died since”, “You yourself grew up eating what?” “Aka leave us alone”… From the ironic to the cynical, passing through the frankly rude, we will have heard everything…

BHB is certainly the most common dish for all Cameroonians. We can therefore conclude that if it is a poison, we have all swallowed it in large doses. And if we persist in believing that BHB does not harm our bodies, I am convinced that it seriously harms our minds. Because he is at least partly responsible for this “junk nationalism”, which makes the Cameroonian take care of the speck that there is in the eye of others, ignoring the beam that blocks his own: We condemns racism, while one is a rude tribalist. As we live in a country that is a political and geopolitical curiosity, we steel ourselves about the changes taking place in others; while we agree to live in a rich country but with ragged populations, we make fun of others, brandishing our “stadiums” and whatever else… While the peoples of the world are taking their destiny into their own hands, we cling to our (false) certainties: “Cameroon is Cameroon” they say, believing we have discovered plutonium, while Guatemala will always be Guatemala, too.

Yes, I say it, too: the boiled bean fritter is the most dangerous meal. For the brains of Cameroonians.

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