Proven tips to help you get started in meditation!

Whatever the initial objective, the practice of meditation must be done according to very specific conditions. This is in order to facilitate the best frame of mind and to create a better framework of concentration. In this article, some basic tips for practicing quality meditation.

What are the best approaches for quality meditation?

Are you ready to experience deep meditation? Let’s go! In the following lines, an overview of the best advice to be able to fully experience it.

  1. Pick the right time.

A good hour is a time when you are sure not to be disturbed. No TV programs nearby, no smartphones. During this time, you are certain that you can completely relax.

  1. Choose a quiet place.

This is advice that is increasingly valid among beginners. With time and practice, it is possible to experience deep meditation anywhere.

  1. Sit comfortably.

Your position should make the difference. She should be still, relaxed and comfortable. Your position should also put forward a straight back and relaxed shoulders. And for a better experience, eyes closed must accompany these different postures. Therefore, the lotus position remains highly recommended.

  1. Focus on your breathing.

Quality breathing is the basis of meditation. Without good deep breathing, the benefits of meditation will never be revealed. So, in your head, start counting from 1 to 10, and with each number inhale and exhale deeply. During this time, your mind may begin to wander, slowly catch your breath and begin again with kindness. It’s normal that you have moments of deconcentration, don’t worry, it’s very normal, meditation requires practice. In reality, this moment of breathing makes it possible to fight against the thoughts which disperse and at the same time makes it possible the spirit to learn how to synthesize them.

  1. Keep your stomach relatively empty.

The ideal time to meditate, and do it well, is while your stomach is empty. A full stomach promotes sleep and concentration. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be very hungry. The golden mean is to be taken into account in such situations. It is also tolerated to start meditation two hours after eating!

  1. Consider your emotions with great kindness.

During a meditation session, you may be invaded by emotions of various kinds. Do not panic, welcome them, listen to them and read them positively. Then focus on your breath again while trying to control your thoughts, but without much pressure. Do it calmly. When you first start meditating, this is very normal. With practice and devotion, concentration will be present at all levels.

  1. Keep a slight smile on your face.

In order to promote positive emotions, it is good to give a slight smile. The smile can be heard in the voice, it is also important in a meditation session. You will see the difference!

  1. Open your eyes gradually towards the end of the meditation.

When you feel that your meditation has gone through its normal process, at the end, take your time before fully opening your eyes. They should open gradually. Ditto for the movements, no urgency in resuming the normal position. Ultimately, take the time to gradually reconnect to yourself and your surroundings.

  1. Take stock of the situation

At the end of your meditation session, it is important to see the effects on your body and mind. Answer the following questions: are you stressed or not? Are you less relaxed or not? The ideal is to observe, without the fuss, the effects on your body. As mentioned above, meditation is an exercise that improves over time, so continuing to practice it while being benevolent is advisable to get the best results.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the advice of a health professional.

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Proven tips to help you get started in meditation!

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