250 shamans from all over the world gathered in Genac

The Musical Domain of Marc Vella, the nomadic pianist, welcomed for four days 250 shamans, healers, teachers and other psychologists, who came from all over the world to discuss ancestral traditions that escape…

The Musical Domain of Marc Vella, the nomadic pianist, welcomed for four days 250 shamans, healers, teachers and other psychologists, who came from all over the world to discuss ancestral traditions that escape ordinary mortals. The festival was to be open to the public like the previous eight editions.

However, state of emergency and vigipirate oblige, the cost of security discouraged the organizers who opted for a private version, in a site which lends itself to it. “We are the first targeted disbelievers. We represent a threat to all fundamentalists”, believes Patrick Dacquay, the founder of the Circle of Wisdom, at the origin of the event. In this privileged theater that seems far from global turbulence with its sacred symbols and paper lucky charms.

A fraternal image

“Nothing opposes, everything is married”, can we read above one of the entrance doors of this temple, out of time. The atmosphere is peaceful. Fraternal. Patrick Dacquay welcomes his guests with open arms. “Relationships are egalitarian, in line with nature. We hold no superior truth. We work with positive values” testifies the former salesman who has just submitted a file to Unesco so that shamanism is classified as intangible heritage of humanity. A lawyer is present at his side as are other experts, scientists, a bio-energy researcher…

The baba cool image, which imposed itself at first sight, while crossing the plain bristling with yurts fades. “We must preserve these cultures to preserve within us the moral qualities that will allow us to survive. In shamanism, there is a continuum between the mineral, vegetable and animal worlds. There is a keen sense of respect for the environment” , observes Philippe Bobola, psychoanalyst and anthropologist, “imbued with this culture that replaces exclusion with inclusion”.

Former peacekeeper, Quebecer Paul Corriveau is also enthusiastic. Specialized in conflict management and energy healing, he “adhere to shamanic thought” since he crossed a rock on his way. “She said “look at me !” I have looked at his scars which told me about his life, his story. We have to get used to getting out of our frame of reference, letting go” explains the former colonel, jovial and warm.

“It’s all about frequency. You just have to be able to change frequency. Some have the ability to hear infrasound and ultrasound,” specifies Patrick Dacquay again. “We are not crazy people who smoke joints. There are a lot of ascetics among us” he adds, faced with our questions.

“For Levi Strauss, the shaman was a creator of order”, adds Philippe Bobola, interested in “1,001 therapies” that derive from shamanism. His “vibes” and his “ripples” that one does not tame in a jiffy, while contemplating a drum.

the “great mystery” remains intact for the layman.

“An inner adventure”

Founder of the Circle of wisdom of the union of ancestral traditions, about ten years ago, the Breton Patrick Dacquay is at the origin of the shamanic festivals in France. The idea came to him during an Amerindian gathering, which brought together the various indigenous peoples of North America. The figure of grandfather William Commanda, the leader of these elders, adorns the capital of Genac this Sunday afternoon. At 19, I received my first initiations while I was in the air force in Madagascar. A healer grandmother had treated me for ant bites. At night, I found myself in front of about fifty women in a trance. I had visions, I heard things. She had guessed where my destiny was”, says the one who spent “18 years of [sa] life to work hard by creating stores for children” before becoming interested “in all ancestral practices” by traveling around sixty countries. “A wonderful inner adventure” for those who aspired to become the “guarantor of wisdom” .Professional healer, he now carries the shamanic word; “an economic, social and political project underpinned by a spirituality” throughout the world. We are millions of mice that they will never be able to kill. We weave a global web connected to nature. We testify to our humanity”, assures the one who also presents himself as a “customary chief”, attentive, he says, to all the excesses. Including in his own environment. “You need real roots to be able to travel in the different worlds. You have to be well in your head”, adds Line Sturny, a Swiss shaman, explaining the value of the Celtic colors displayed. “Red, the visible and the force; green the invisible and the heart; the white, the self and the consciousness”. Shamanism already existed thirty thousand years ago. Originally from Siberia, the shaman is considered “a healer of the soul”. Guardian of wisdom, he can enter into a relationship with spirits through meditation and trance techniques.” This is not a religion. God does not exist, he is everywhere. It is a philosophy, a conception of the world. There is no affirmed truth. It is an egalitarian worldview. A free spirituality, without hierarchy. Each community has its own practice,” explains Patrick Dacquay, the founder of the Circle of Wisdom.

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250 shamans from all over the world gathered in Genac

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