The $200,000 High-End Shamanic Audiophile Totem Evolves

Estelon Extreme MK II 01

We already introduced you to the version Limited Edition Extreme Speakers of the brand Estelon. The Slovenian manufacturer is putting the cover back and refreshing its Extreme model, unveiling the Extreme Mk II. Aesthetically, almost no change, except for the integration of new colors. The main evolution lies in the use of new loudspeakers, even more upscale than before. A true High-End product.

A two-tone monk carved out of a Rolls-Royce

Atypical as a very high-end loudspeaker, the Extreme is a reference playing on dualities. Thus, its architecture relies on a kind of double frame, one nested in the other, which gives it the air of an hourglass or, to go far in the imagination, of a large shapeless character surrounded by a Cape.

Another example of duality is the speaker’s two-tone finish. On the Extreme Mk II, four exclusive finishes are appearing: Midnight Opera (red and black), Bronze Royale (black and gold), Lunar Eclipse (white and lunar gray), Nordic Emerald (white and emerald green).

Estelon Extreme MK II

Several construction specificities coexist. To begin with, no line is parallel, in order to best break the phenomena of resonance. But above all, the chassis is mainly built in a composite material based on marble. Very dense and rigid, it seems to lend itself particularly well to acoustic requirements.

For the design, the main inspiration of the designer Alfred Vassilkov is above all the Rolls-Royce universe.

This enclosure has all the colossus: 1770 – 2070 x 690 x 820 mm (hxwxd) for a weight of 250 kg each. Why a variable height? Simply because the height and inclination of the upper module can be adjusted, in order to better align the loudspeakers.

Four-way, quintuple transducers, new models

The sound architecture is generally the same as that of the Limited Edition version that we presented on ON-mag. It is based on a four-way topology, with 2 woofers in the base and a mid-woofer/midrange speaker/tweeter trio in the upper part. All these loudspeakers are CELL technology references, built by specialist Accuton.

The two boomers (for the bass) present at the base are 25 cm models with aluminum sandwich CELL membranes, all loaded with bass-reflex. The transducer used in the mid-woofer is exactly the same reference (but used for higher frequencies).

The midrange driver is an all-new 168mm ceramic membrane CELL model. Finally, the tweeter is a CELL diamond reference (membrane derived from carbon) which can easily reach 60 kHz.

Estelon Extreme MK II 03

Finally, all the internal wiring, as well as the filtering, has been reworked: better capacitors and better resistors, Kubala-Sosna copper wiring, elimination of metal to metal transitions. The manufacturer’s proprietary connectors can support banana plugs, but also bare or spade wires.

The frequency response of the Estelon Extreme Mk II is announced at 25 Hz – 60 kHz, which remains exceptional, for a sensitivity of 91 dB and a nominal impedance of 3 Ohms. For amplification, Estelon recommends a minimum of 20 W, knowing that the nominal power (RMS) is announced at 500 W.

The price of these monsters? €198,000 the pair.

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The $200,000 High-End Shamanic Audiophile Totem Evolves

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