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Binyamin Netanyahu’s camp would win the majority with 62 mandates according to the first estimates

The first estimates of the legislative elections on November 1 seem to give the advantage to the right-wing camp of Benyamin Netanyahu with 62 mandates, against 54 for the left-wing camp, led by Yaïr Lapid. The results will be adjusted and refined over the coming hours.

The Arab Balad party is approaching the eligibility threshold, which could change the situation.

i24NEWS/i24NEWSThe first estimates of the legislative elections of November 1

Likud – Binyamin Netanyahu (30 terms)

The likoud, a right-wing party led by Benyamin Netanyahu is credited with 30 mandates, the polls predicted 31.

i24NEWS/i24NEWSEstimates of the Israeli legislative elections of November 1

Yesh Atid – Yair Lapid (22 terms)

A secular centrist party founded in 2012 by Yaïr Lapid, the current Prime Minister, Yesh Atid won 22 mandates while the polls presided over him 25-26.

Religious Zionism – Itamar Ben-Gvir (15 terms)

A phenomenon of these legislative elections, the far-right party led by Itamar Ben-Gvir obtained 14 to 15 mandates. He was credited with 12 to 14 according to the polls.

i24NEWS/i24NEWSReligious Zionism HQ celebrates 15 terms announced November 1

Union for the State – Benny Gantz (13 terms)

The centrist party led by Benny Gantz, Gideon Saar, and Gadi Eizencot would get 13 mandates.

Shas-Arieh Deri (10 terms):

This is the Sephardic Orthodox party, founded in 1982 by Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yossef and led in recent years by Arieh Deri. The polls predicted him 8 mandates, he would collect 10.

Torah Judaism (7 terms):

It is the result of a merger of two formations, Agoudat Israel and Deguel Hatorah, which represent the two major Ashkenazi Orthodox currents: the Hassidim and the Lithuanians. He would get 7 mandates.

Channel 12

Channel 12

Israel Beitenu (5):

A Russian-speaking, secular and liberal party, masterfully led by Avigdor Lieberman, current finance minister, Israel Beitenou positioned himself as the kingmaker during the last elections. He would collect today 5 mandates.

Labor Party – Merav Michaeli (5 mandates):

The party that hegemonically dominated the Israeli class from 1948 to 1977, known as Avoda, is credited with 5 terms.

Meretz (4 terms):

Party of the social democratic left, Meretz brandished at its creation in 1992, three flags: the peace process, social and human rights. He had then reached his record score: 12 terms in the Rabin government. Today he gets 4.

Channel 13

Channel 13

Hadash-Ta’al (4)

Hadash, led by Ayman Odeh, is the current reincarnation of the Israeli Communist Party. It is the Democratic Party for Equality and Peace, and it is home to Arab communists and ultra-radical leftists. He would get 4 mandates.

Raam – Mansour Abbas (5 terms)

The Israeli Islamist Party, Raam is actually the acrostic for Joint Arab List, but it is a party that split from the Arab List to run for the 24th Knesset last year. Its leader Mansour Abbas changed the situation by bringing his party into the current coalition, recognizing the Jewish character of the State of Israel and advocating the full integration of Israeli Arabs into society. He would get 5 mandates.

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Israeli legislative elections: first estimates give Benjamin Netanyahu a majority – I24NEWS

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