Here are the 8 most-watched series on Amazon Prime Video

netflix declared war the moment it set foot in the SVOD market (video on demand service). Today, it must be admitted, we are less and less in front of our television channels, and more and more on streaming platforms. But the one to whom we do the most harm, it remains the cinema. Indeed, with the wide choice of content offered to us netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, OCS, Salto, etc. movie theaters are more deserted than a few years ago.

But what’s great about these streaming platforms is their large catalog, but above all the possibility of watching our films and series, whenever and wherever we want. One thing is certain, the SVOD war is well and truly declared, bringing with it a multitude of content to watch. So much that we have sometimes (often) difficult to make our choice.

So today we are giving you a list of the most watched series on Amazon Prime Video to help you decide or to give you another reason to subscribe. Hope it helps you!

1. The Boys

The Boys is perhaps one of the first series that we think of when we think of a series ofAmazon Prime Video.

After only a week of broadcasting on the American platform, already 6 million viewers had already watched the first episode of The Boys. And in all, it would be 8 million people who would have watched a few minutes of the series. Today, the latter is one of the programs that works the most, and has become a staple of the streaming platform. From season to season, audiences are growing ever more: just a few days after the release of the third season, the audience has increased by 17% compared to season 2, and by 234% compared to season 1.

And this series takes place in a world in which superheroes are corrupt and have no moral value. All that matters is their image and their business. This is where the team nicknamed The Boys decides to intervene, ready to do battle with these impostors.

You can find the 3 seasons on Prime Video.

2. Rings of Power

This is THE long-awaited series on the American streaming platform. The fans of Lord of the Rings waited impatiently, here it is at last, Rings of Power. The latter has its roots in the same world as JRR Tolkien’s masterpiecewhere we will focus more particularly on the creation of the single ring.

And whatever we can say is that this first season awaited by all is a real success. On its first day of release, Amazon Prime Video announced the record number of 25 million viewers worldwide. Released on September 1, the various episodes of the series have been put online gradually until October 14, in order to allow everyone to follow the series at their own pace, without the risk of having spoilers, but above all to allow the platform to surf audience records.

Find the first season on Prime Video.

3. The Summer I Became Pretty

We didn’t see it coming, and yet! The series was a real success, especially among young people. On social networks, especially TikTok, we keep talking about The summer when I became pretty, especially when it comes out. And on the Rotten Tomates site, dedicated to reviews and information on films and series, the latter obtained the score of 82%, with an audience score of 91%.

And The summer when I became pretty, is the story of a young girl, a teenager, who will make her transition to adulthood during a summer, all in a love triangle. Watch the first season on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Reacher

When you think of Amazon Prime Video, Reacher is not necessarily the first series that comes to mind. Nevertheless, we can tell you that she is not in this top for nothing. The week of its release, February 4, 2022, it is ranked number 2 in streaming series, beaten by the program ozarkof netflix. Reacherthis first week, was seen by 1.84 billion minutes. The latter thus ranks ahead of one of the series that had also worked very well: The Wheel of Time.

And in this series based on Child’s book, we find a man named Jack Reacher who is an ex-police investigator, now living far from all that. But he will unfortunately find himself in a trap where he is accused of having committed a crime. While he is ready to do anything to prove that he is not guilty, he will discover a huge secret conspiracy.

Find the first season on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Wheel of Time

We were talking about it before: The Wheel of Time. She was in the top 1 for a while, but she was overtaken by the previously cited series, Reacher. Nevertheless, it remains one of the biggest successes of Amazon Prime Video since it reached the 1.16 billion minutes of views over the first three episodes. She had even become the second best launch of the series, just behind the series Hunters.

And if those numbers intrigue you, here’s the synopsis: The Wheel of Time tells the story of Moiraine, an important member of a group of women called Aes Sedai who use magic. While a nearby village has been destroyed, Moiraine decides to take four young people under her wing, convinced that in one of them hides the reincarnation of the Dragon.

You can find the first season on Amazon Prime Video.


This is the series Hunters who had been a hit during the year 2020, ahead The Wheel of Time or Reacher. The Rotten Tomatoes site, mentioned above, has a 68% audience score. Nevertheless, the series has been criticized a lot, and the Auschwitz memorial itself goes beyond its criticism.

Produced by the great Jordan Peele (who directed the films Get Out, Us, Nope), the series looks back on the tragic history of the Jews during Nazi Germany, and on the various tortures and despicable treatments they suffered. However, a made-up chess scene particularly displeased. Thus, the memorial expressed itself on this subject:

“Auschwitz was filled with horrific suffering documented in the accounts of survivors. Inventing a fake human chess game to Hunters is not just dangerous madness and caricature. This will feed future Holocaust deniers. We honor the victims by keeping the facts accurate.”

You can find season 1 of Hunters with Al Pacino, on Amazon Prime Video.

7. Jack Ryan

Here is another series that broke records: Jack Ryan. According to the website Statisticsseason 2 of the Amazon program would have reached the 7.3 million viewers for the first episode. And in all, more than 9 million viewers watched the American series in the United States.

Adapted from the books by Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan tells the story of a man who works for the CIA, and who will be called upon in the field for the first time. It is there that he will discover a terrorist communication network that will do everything to mess up the whole world.

Jack Ryan, to be found on Amazon Prime Video.

8. Flea Bag

And in last place of our ranking, we find Fleabag. Still on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score is up to 93%. And Fleabag is the story of a young woman in her thirties who does not know what to do with her life and who is bored. Performed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this dramatic comedy will not leave you indifferent!

Find it on Amazon Prime Video!

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Here are the 8 most-watched series on Amazon Prime Video

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