A numerology calculation can tell a lot about your life

A numerology calculation can open up many prospects for self-realization. We give you all the keys to achieve this in this article.

Learn your numerological profile

You know your astro chart and your horoscope by heart ? Yet you can still learn about yourself.

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Numerology is a valuable tool for self-realization. Your date of birth, the year, the letters of your first name and possibly your family name… No need more to benefit from the magical data revealed by numerology.

In this article, you will learn how to perform the calculations that will give you access to your personal number, also called personal number, your life path and the value of your first name.

Numerology, an age-old tool for self-realization

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The horoscope in astrology advises you or discourages you from certain life paths, with more or less precision. But the date and time of our birth reveal, according to numerology, many more secrets than you think.

Our contemporary societies tend to radically dissociate what is hard science and what is esoteric knowledge. This was not the case in ancient societies, where mathematicians were also philosophers, poets and thinkers of the mysteries of our world. Thus, the theoreticians who gave their name to the theorems of geometry that we know today also questioned the enigmas of heaven and earth.

The divinatory arts, which some today consider folkloric, were nevertheless an integral part of the work of these great mathematicians. Among these ancient thinkers, among them, Pythagoras is considered the father of numerology as we know it today. Numerology is thus a knowledge that combines rigorous mathematical knowledge with the study of the field that seems the most out of control: that of the future and the hazards of life.

Numerology is based on the principle that the cosmos is governed by mathematical laws, number systems. She studies the numbers that come up systematically in our lives as being the codes of a universal language, carrying transcendental truths about our future and our presence in the world. It therefore offers a path for analyzing our inner being, the characteristics of our personality and the resulting destiny.

Numerology, a language that is both mathematical and mystical

Mathematics and the mysteries of life have one thing in common: their languages ​​are universal. They are present in all societies and at all times. Thus, numerology is fascinating in that it connects what we have most personal and intimate, and at the same time socially situated, namely our first name, our family name as well as our date and place of birth, to the universe where everything is interconnected.

Numerology offers the calculation of three different numbers

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The three main calculations of numerology are:

– That of the personal number, or personal figure, which is a tool for analyzing the characteristics of your personality
– The life path, which provides more information about our destiny, and from which we can interpret predictions about future events in our lives
– The value of the first name, which is a tool for understanding a hereditary given, the forces of our past which continue to have an influence on our life

In addition, numerology also makes it possible to issue some predictions on each specific year. For 2022, good news, numerology identifies signs of love and harmony for the course of the year. However, how you get through this year depends on your own numerological profile, according to belief.

Calculate the number corresponding to your first name

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First of all, it is a question of knowing the correspondences between the letters of your name and the numbers from 1 to 9. You can refer to the list below to calculate your own number.

Correspondence between letters and numbers:

a, j, s, é, è, ê, ç 1
b, k, t, ö 2
c, l, u, ù, û 3
d, m, v 4
e, n, w, ê, î 5
f, o, x, ä, ô 6
g, p, y 7
h, q, z, u 8
i, r, to, â, ï 9

Then, the numerological number of your first name is obtained by adding the numbers corresponding to each letter. Once this result has been obtained, add the sum of each of the two digits of the number in front of you. For example, if your name is Clara, add c + l + a + r + a, i.e. 3+3+1+9+3 = 19. Then calculate that 1+9= 10. 10 is thus the number corresponding to the first name Clara. If the sum is less than 10, as for the first name Léa whose number is 5, it suffices to keep this number simple. It can also be taken as 05, i.e. 0+5=5.

So what is your result? Share it in the comments!

You will find at the end of the articles some indications on how each number directs your life.

Calculate your life path

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The life path is calculated by adding each digit of the numbers of your date of birth.

For example, if your date of birth is 16/01/1986, calculate the sum of 1 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8+ 6 = 32, then you just need to add 3 + 2 = 5. You get a life path of 5.

We can’t wait to discover your life path in the comments!

Predictions for the current year

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Are you suspicious of horoscope predictions for the current year? Numerology will confirm or invalidate them perhaps, with a calculation that specifically targets the current year.

To calculate the number that influences the current year for you, the principle is the same as for the life path. Add all the digits of your day and month of birth, with that not of your year of birth this time, but of the current year. For example, if your birthday is March 8, 8+03+2022=17, or 1+7=8.

Once you have found the result, go to the end of the article to interpret it!

Other possible numerological calculations

In addition to the personal number, the life path, the value of the first name or even the current year, numerology also reveals other principles such as the “intimate number”, “the number of achievements”, “the hereditary number”, “the number expression”.

The “expression number” relates to the most visible aspects of the personality: qualities, defects. It offers an external point of view on the psychic characteristics of a person.

The “intimate number” concerns internalized aspects of the personality, dreams, ideals as well as deep capacities.

The number “achievement” relates to a life path specifically related to work. It is based on a simple calculation: the sum of the numbers associated with all the consonants of the first and last name.

As for the “hereditary number”, it concerns characteristics and predictions transmitted by your family.

Learn the meaning of numbers in numerology

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Here are the first fairly general guidelines for understanding how the influence of numbers is embodied in life. We hope they make you want to dig deeper far.

The number 1

Associated with the astrological sign Ram in the zodiac, the number 1 is master of beginnings. He guides each person who lives under his influence towards a sometimes heroic destiny, off the beaten track.

The number 2

This figure is master of couples, union, love for two. It refers to a personality very inclined to affective dependence, and capable of great love, and of investing his whole person in his relationships.

The number 3

Master of the triangle, the number 3 signs the entry into relationship with third parties. In forecasts, the number 3 is a sign of communication with the world and of sociability; Far from the binarity and the Manichaeism of the number 2, it is a symbol of open-mindedness and nuance. Reputed to be more intellectual than the number 2, it can also be a sign of pride.

The number 4

Master of the square, the number 4 influences the qualities of organization and pragmatism. It influences the personality towards rather down-to-earth considerations, which can lead to a certain pessimism. This number is also a sign of great rigor and a frank, but sometimes intolerant character.

The number 5

Related to the 5 senses, the number 5 is associated with pleasures of all kinds. It is a sign of a very positive and dynamic personality. He is the master of sport and freedom, and can announce the realization of work on oneself linked to the body. The side of these forecasts concerns the flaws of inconsistency and naivety. It is likened to the Taurus sign.

The number 6

The number 6 is a symbol of perfection, beauty and harmony. It mainly influences art and love. Associated with Venus and the sign Libra, its faults are insecurity, self-effacement and withdrawal.

The number 7

This figure implies the achievement of happiness. Master of luck, fortune but also of spirituality, he influences the personalities in its solitary aspects. It corresponds to writers, to researchers, in any case to a brilliant destiny. The 7 can however also be a master of melancholy and excessive introspection.

The number 8

The number 8 in numerology represents excesses, the greatest failures, the most brutal shocks, but also great fortunes. It can signify intense and potentially destructive passion.

The number 9

The number 9 announces a great quest that influences the whole course of life. Linked to love, it can be spiritual, embodied in travels or artistic work.

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A numerology calculation can tell a lot about your life

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