4 dumb tips for creating a profitable newsletter

They were only missing that. Now, after months of effort… After a fierce struggle to obtain your precious registrations… And after dozens of hours sacrificed on the altar of work… They fall with the brutality of a guillotine. I’m talking about statistics, of course. Those of your newsletters. Of these statistics which are coldly displayed on a dashboard… and which send you back to this awful reality…

We don’t care about your content.

You did everything right, though…

  • Choosing a profitable niche;
  • Content Creation / Advertising;
  • Lead Magnet attractive;
  • Autoresponder, website…;
  • And tutti quanti.

But no.

It wasn’t enough.

Pfft. Cruel world…

Head bent over your hand, you wonder what could have gone wrong so badly.

Why are you so ignored when you are good.

Listen, I understand your pain.

But let’s take a step back, if you will.

As you know, today, we are overwhelmed with advertisements.

We no longer count the number of mailing list

Nor the number of emails sent by each entrepreneur…

Nor distractions of all kinds that impoverish the intellect…

So why would people read you and not someone else?

Knowing that they have already subscribed to several newsletters…

… and that’a priorinobody wants to be inundated with emails?

How could you become the only person to follow?

The one whose emails are so good people love them?

The one whose pen is so captivating that people are waiting to see her again?

Good question, indeed.

To be honest, its a question of life or death.

Because, as you know, it is by email that we sell.

However, it’s not the end of the world…

…because there are stupid tricks to creating a good newsletter.

I say “stupid” because even an 11-year-old could apply them.

These tricks?

I have discovered, tested and refined them during my career as a copywriter.

For almost two years, I had the chance to work for more or less large blogs, and in themes as varied as numerology or finances…

…which allowed me to see in the field (and not only in theory…) what really works.

And above all, I saw what worked even in the most rinsed themes, like the make money online.

But just before we talk about it, promise me one thing:

Don’t use these techniques to sell sh*t.

By “me*de” I mean products that promise magical, effortless results, as well as outright rip-offs.

Well, after all, you do what you want, huh.

We are in a democracy, after all.

But I still wanted to remind him.

Tip n°1: invent the difference

Let’s play a little riddle:

If 95% of emails looked like this:

Would we read them?

And would we look forward to them?

Not really.

Yet today, most emails look like this.

❌ No visual editor.

❌ No picture.

❌ A soulless tone.

❌ Boat advice.

❌ Sentences written in very small.

And that makes sense, when you think about it.

Most people do what is simple and intuitive.

I say : big mistake.

If we want to stand out, we have to do things that are not easy.

More elaborate things, which require more creativity.

In short : we have to invent the difference.

So… I can already see the criticism raining down:

“Yes, but to succeed, you have to copy those who have succeeded. »

“If people are all doing the same thing, it must work! »

“I have always been told not to reinvent the wheel! »

Except that inventing the difference is not trying your luck.

It’s replicating what works, but in a different way.

It’s innovating on the basis of what already works.

Do you see the idea?

For example: stories are proven to interest humans.

Except that… marketers who tell stories, there are already some.

To differentiate yourself, you can:

👉 tell your OWN story

👉 tell your current adventures

👉 draw a parallel with a great event in history.

Here, for example, is how I approach my welcome email:

(This is the one you will receive if you sign up for my private list).

Right away, I set the tone:

❌ This is not just another marketing newsletter.

❌ It won’t just be black text on a white background.

❌ It won’t be spam either.

I immediately immerse people in my universe…

… and I differentiate myself in the blink of an eye.

Results ?

Anyone who appreciates my world will stay with me.

Not because I’m the best marketer (far from it, even).

But because I give them an experience.

And that, believe me, people appreciate it.

Tip #2: Write letters, not emails


You see that?

This is typically the kind of newsletter that makes you vomit.

Seriously: who likes to receive this kind of flyer?

Not me anyway.

Neither will your readers, probably.

On the other hand, if you have just received a letter from a friend who has gone on vacation to Brittany, you will read it with pleasure. And you would be impatient to read the next one. Not true ? 🙂

Writing a letter rather than an email is writing something intimate.

Not intimate mode: “I noticed yesterday that I lost hair. »

But intimate in mode: “Dear X. I hope you had a good morning. Today I would like to talk to you about…”

Personally, when I was a copywriter, I noticed something:

Writing in a personal tone sells.

It was almost systematic.

On a launch, it was not uncommon to double the turnover by writing in mode small talk.

That is to say in a relaxed way, without trying to sell.

Just by sharing an interesting story and cool tips.

Why does it work so well?

Because by writing in an intimate way, we bring a ray of sunshine into people’s lives.

We color what is often tinged with gray.

And we comfort those whose life is sometimes difficult.

We don’t just give “advice”.

But indeed to bring value.

Try it, and you’ll see. 🙂

It’s not that complicated to do.

Just write as if you were talking to someone face to face.

Tip n°3: make reading as easy as possible

This article demonstrates it.

And the proof that it works?

It’s that you’re still reading me, haha. 😉

Well, having said that, having good writing is an art.

It requires knowing certain writing techniques…

To get used to thinking and writing simply…

And to have a language that a 6 year old could understand.

But once you master it?

You have a super power in your hands.

And I weigh my words.

‘Cause you can hypnotize the people…

… without them even realizing it.

All this for what ?

To bring them to your offer, of course.


Without scaring them away…

With short sentences.

Simple sentences.

Sentences that flow from the source…

Which leads to read on…


… and even.

That’s it :

They are yours now.

You did the hardest part:

Have their attention.

To have a hypnotic writing, I advise you:

To use the “6 year old” version of a word.

(Example: “cliché” instead of “paragon”)

Shorten sentences as much as possible.

(Example: “hypnotic writing” instead of “having easy-to-read writing”)

Avoid text blocks that are longer than 3 lines.

(Example: I make sure my sentences fit in one line)

To use anaphora.

(Example: “No, you don’t… / No, you don’t…”)

This list is not exhaustive.

But just by using these tips, you will see your click-through rate (and your sales) jump.

Believe me.

Word of copywriter. 🙂

Tip #4: Don’t write a diary

Sorry to be rude, but deep down people don’t care about you.

What interests them is them.

These are their problems, their dreams, their blockages…

That doesn’t mean we should never talk about you!

Talking about yourself is useful for creating sympathy and trust.

(It is necessary, even).

But it is a question of thinking “reader” above all…

… and to bring a customer benefit each time.

(Whether it’s a motivational speech or outright advice).

Look, for example, at copywriter Edwin Volff:

He approaches his email in an intriguing way, talking about manipulation.

Then he makes the link with the theme of web marketing.

Yes, it’s easy as pie.

But simplicity works 99% of the time.

1️⃣ You capture the interest of your audience by talking about something serious, crazy, weird or funny that happened to you.

2️⃣ Then you quickly make the link with a tip in your theme, to give people a good reason to read you.

This structure makes it possible to combine information and entertainment.

(Both of which are necessary for people to read you…

… and end up buying from you).

Example: you are a dog training coach.

Instead of talking exclusively about yourself or giving direct advice, you can approach your email this way:

A crisp advice, an anecdote and suspense:

That’s all it takes to create a good newsletter. 💪

What to do now

We are coming to the end of this article.

But I must say one last word to you:

All these tricks are worthless if…

… you don’t know your audience.

More precisely: if you do not know the problem that obsesses at this moment your reader.

Knowing your audience is the basis for writing an interesting newsletter.

Yes of course, how you write it is important.

But it only works if the subject of the email interests your readers.

And to find out what interests them?

Nothing better than a good survey.

Ask questions like:

➡ What is your biggest problem right now?

➡️ What is the last training you bought?

➡ What did you dislike about this training?

You will know what to say in your emails.

And above all, you will know what to sell them.

No more newsletters that do not convert.

No more white page syndrome.

With these tips, you will finally have the success you deserve.

It’s up to you, dear friend.

Sales are waiting for you!

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4 dumb tips for creating a profitable newsletter

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