Astro: What is karmic debt and how do you calculate it?

Everyone has heard of the karma in astrology, which usually has a negative connotation. Many believe that karma is related to the consequences a person experiences after behaving negatively in the present. Yet karma is also about the past. In addition to this, there is something called karmic debt, which is more about past life choices that can be repeated in our current life. And yes, karmic astrology goes much further than the horoscope for the signs of the zodiac.

In numerology, all numbers are considered meaningful symbols, each carrying a unique vibration and application in our life. Our personal numerology charts can help us shed light on our destinies, our passions, and even our subconscious struggles. Although everyone has some central numbers in their chart (like life path numbers), some people also have what are called karmic debt figures.

Astro: What is karmic debt?

Karmic debt is the negative patterns that repeat themselves repeatedly in your life. For example, you could constantly have financial, romantic or friendly problems or have trouble finding your professional path, you may have a karmic debt that is holding you back in your life.

The number of karmic debts corresponds to the number of lessons you must learn and retainor the number of problems you have to overcome in this life, and it is calculated from your date of birth.

The 5 signs that prove that you have a karmic debt

Before embarking on complicated explanations, the first thing to do is to try to find out whether you have a karmic debt or not.

1. You face recurring negative patterns in your life.
For example, if you often have recurring problems, especially in relationships, you may have a karmic debt. Maybe you didn’t resolve a problem in a past life and you need to repay that debt today.

2. You tend to pay close attention to certain people.
Karma makes you tend to always want to please people and feel indebted. This may be due to a past life where you have a debt to pay to certain people.

3. You have a karmic relationship in your life.
You may be repeatedly drawn into a relationship with a particular person, for example, who seems to be teaching you the same lesson over and over again. These relationships can be toxic, but they can also be necessary for us to settle our karmic debt.

4. You do a lot of introspection.
If you are always in conflict with those around you and you find yourself alone, it may be because of your karmic debt.

5. You have karmic debt numbers in your numerological chart.
The most concrete way to know if you have a karmic debt is to calculate it.

How to calculate your karmic debt?

Life path numbers are associated with your date of birth. Specific dates of birth lead to certain numbers which can carry karmic debts. The life path numbers that carry a karmic debt are 13, 14, 16 or 19. If your calculations fall on one of these numbers, you probably have a karmic debt to pay in this life. If your life path number is 1, 4, 5 or 7, you also have a karmic debt. Concretely, the karmic debt number 14 is added to 4 (1+4=5), therefore the life path number 5 carries a karmic debt number 14.

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Astro: What is karmic debt and how do you calculate it?

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