We are still in training

Sread the scriptures

You are new beings whom God, our Creator, continually renews in his image, so that you know him perfectly.
Colossians 3.10

All our life, we are in formation. In the words of the apostle Paul, “until Christ is formed in us” (Galatians 4.19).

Our journey begins almost from the cradle. A small child can very quickly take over all the space in the heart, the thoughts and the gestures of his parents. When all his needs, including emotional ones, are satisfied, he will gradually have to learn to be peaceful and contented.

As adults, we are also 24 hours a day in training. Our attitude, our reactions, our emotions, etc. constantly need to be framed, renewed, so that the character of Christ is formed and remains in us.

Easy to implement when everything is going well, but oh so difficult to practice when nothing goes, which happens frequently.

“You are in training.” I had this inner word, as my little freezer made unusual noises and turned into an iceberg. I managed to melt the ice, without identifying the cause of the malfunction. I prayed…

Last night, I had to go to sleep in another room, because small animals galloped along the wall of my house and made a din which prevented me from sleeping.

These are examples of daily challenges. So I pray not to be overwhelmed by my emotions and fed up with technical issues. I want to keep a cool head and act wisely.

There are much more serious things, but for months I have been dealing with all kinds of problems in my house. I have the very clear feeling that it is a “training” to walk better with the Lord, in daily dependence on his grace and his love.

Elisten to the voice of God

You may have recognized yourself in those everyday situations where nothing is going right. Sit back and listen to the Lord tell you how precious you are to Him.

Praying is simple. Speak to God as you would your closest friend. God loves you and can hear everything. Here is an example of a prayer: Lord, like any “normal” human being, I don’t like material troubles or worries. ! That said, I desire to praise you at all times, even and especially when things do not go as I would like. !”

Lpray to god

Imagine your daily life without the Lord. Sometimes it would be enough to drive you crazy, right? So praise him with all your heart for his wonderful presence at your side.

HASact today

Of course, you are not going to stand idly by when there is a problem! Pray, seek the Lord’s guidance and assistance, and act wisely. And above all with the right attitude, the one that Jesus would have!

Hworship the Lord

Our journey for the day ends. Let us pray together to honor our God.

Thank you Lord for your wonderful presence by my side: it encourages me, strengthens me and allows me to move forward. ! Thine be the kingdom, the power and the glory, amen !”

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We are still in training

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