The ravages of Rael

Rael no longer rages here, thank God. The self-proclaimed Prophet now lives in exile in Japan, where he spreads his hazy messages of human-founding extraterrestrials and sensual meditation.

The fact remains that for nearly 40 years, his sect indoctrinated thousands of Quebecers and caused appalling havoc, as shown in the captivating documentary Rael’s womenpresented by Radio-Canada on Saturday, January 14, at 10:30 p.m. (program your recorders).

It looks like Wild Wild Countryfrom Netflix, The Order of the Solar Templefrom the True platform, or The Vow, on Crave. Even that we would take more than 90 minutes so much there is creepy matter to stir.

Two courageous and highly placed members of the movement bear witness to the humiliating treatment that the guru with the little bun reserved for the women who financed and carried his “organization” at arm’s length.

The ravages of Rael


Brigitte Boisselier and Rael

There is Sylvie Chabot, who spent 35 years among the Raelians and who was His Holiness’s press attaché, notably during the hoax of the first cloned baby of humanity. How can we forget the terrifying scientist Brigitte Boisselier? What a nightmare.

And there is Martine Archambault, head of the UFOLand Center, where the famous Elohim flying saucer was enthroned, a devotee who also ensured the “comfort” of our Captain Cosmos from Valcourt.

Expensive wine, eel and fresh sushi, Rael treated himself to luxury with the contributions of his followers, who paid him 10% of their income. But where the High Priest in Star Trek garb spoiled the most was in free love and swinging.

To never run out of potential companions, Raël founded a sect within the sect, the Order of Angels, which brought together only pretty young women, many of whom worked in the sex industry, a question of garnishing, as quickly as possible. possible, the coffers of the organization.

In October 2004, the magazine Playboy, by Hugh Hefner, to whom Raël devoted a sickly cult, published naughty photos of three Raëliennes, including Marina, daughter of the president of the Clonaid company, Brigitte Boisselier. The cachet of US$10,000 that the three models for a day were to pocket was obviously donated to the Raelian movement.

Within the Order of Angels, a system of golden cord (100% free) and pink feather (100% exclusive) indicated the level of promiscuity granted by Rael to each of his protégés.

Not only did Rael control sexual relations in his realm, but his sway also extended to the wombs of its members. “If you want to have children, buy yourself a cat, we have humanity to save”, repeated the leaders of the sect during their seminars.

For Raël, a woman with children made herself less available to the Cause. At 26, Sylvie Chabot therefore underwent a tubal ligation to never get pregnant. The documentary also shows an excerpt from a conference where Raël asserts that a woman who says no is rarely a real no. And he laughs, and the crowd laughs.

We watch Rael’s womenalso available on, and one wonders: how could these intelligent people have swallowed so many eccentric and dangerous things, for so long?

The extraterrestrial embassy to be built, the square centimeter of frontal bone that must be bequeathed upon death or the telepathic contacts with the Elohims, it’s big to swallow, isn’t it?

Sylvie and Martine, who respectively left the Raelians in 2017 and 2003, are ashamed of having been caught. It’s humiliating, they say. Criminologist and cult specialist Marie-Andrée Pelland reminds us that gurus like Raël use ultra-effective indoctrination techniques.

They isolate their victims. They prevent them from questioning themselves. They value them. And their charisma, even if it’s hard to believe for Mr. Saucer, blinds the flock who drink their every word, from the sweetest to the most bitter. “I had the impression that I had Jesus in front of me”, testifies Sylvie Chabot speaking of Raël, alias Claude Vorilhon.

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Brigitte Boisselier and Rael

Let’s not forget, the messenger of the extraterrestrials, who then bore the artist name of Claude Celler, began his career as a Jacques Brel-style pop singer in the late 1960s. He then founded a motor racing magazine , Autopop, which was another flop. It was in 1973, while he was walking in Auvergne, that our good Raël, who calls himself the half-brother of Jesus, made his first contact with the white light.

In Quebec, the disciplines of Raël took root on a vast domain near Valcourt, in Estrie. These lands were sold in 2016 and are now home to the Havana Resort, a Cuban all-inclusive atmosphere campsite.

Some would say it is another type of cult. Sylvie and Martine would tell you that it’s a lot easier to deprogram yourself from a week of gin and tonics in the South than from a life under the yoke of a narcissistic manipulator.

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The ravages of Rael

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