The oracle of synchronicities by Etan Ilfed published by Trajectoire –

Etan Ilfed is fascinated by the power of the imagination and symbolism and this is how he imagined The Oracle of Synchronicities published by Trajectoire editions. A very beautiful divinatory box to offer (or to offer oneself).

The Oracle of Synchronicities

And if a oracle revealed to you the essential meanings concealed in the coincidences of your existence? Would you be tempted to understand why “these coincidences” happen to you? Are you ready to realize their relevance and move forward in your life? Then discover the box of the oracle of synchronicities which should enlighten you!

The box The oracle of synchronicities published in Trajectory editions is composed of 57 hexagonal cards as well as the 80-page explanatory book. It’s a real invention to have hexagonal cards for once. This is certainly changing, and above all it is intriguing. On each card there are 8 different symbols. We can make several draws.

The Oracle of Synchronicities Draws

The very first, and simplest, is to ask a question and draw 2 cards and see if there is a symbol in common, knowing that in total there are 57 symbols. I admit that this draw is quite “funny” in the sense that when you ask your question really well, you discover with amazement that you have indeed drawn 2 identical symbols. If you can’t find an identical symbol, try again by modifying your question.

  • Explore the links between 2 people or two objects

In a completely different type of draw, you could explore the connection between two people or objects. It suffices, for example, for two people to each draw a card and see which symbol connects them to each other. You don’t have to ask a question, but if you want to know the specific nature of the relationship between these two people, you are strongly advised to ask one.

  • The oracle of synchronicities by Etan Ilfed published by Trajectoirethe draw of the classic combination

In the drawing of the classic combination, it will be necessary to draw 7 cards. Card 1 to 2 will allow you to see the energy profile of the person (and his past). Card 3 and 4 will allow you to know at what stage the person is (therefore his present). card 5 and 6 will allow you to determine which direction the person will take. It will then suffice to arrange the cards in a circle to form a hexagon which will form the circle of intuition. Study each synchronicity between cards 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6. We draw a last card which we will put in the middle. It will then be necessary to look for the 6 synchronicities between the final card (the 7) and the others around. If there is an emerging symbol, it should offer you a basis for meditation and reflection. If there are two, your reflection will have to relate to the 2.

If you look closely at my photo of a draw I made, there are a lot of symbols in common between the cards! It now remains to analyze everything and discover the final message of the cards!

How to read the symbols?

There are several ways to read the symbols. First, you will have keywords that are associated with the symbol. Then you will have their symbolism, the one that will have to resonate in you. Each symbol will prompt you to think about what you need to do. And finally, you will be invited to a meditation specific to this symbol. It’s up to you to see which part will concern you depending on the question or the draw you will make.

This oracle is quite surprising and above all it really hits the mark. We are relatively surprised by the amount of synchronicities that we can have (and yet if we believe the probabilities, we should not have as many chances as that!). With the oracle of synchronicities, we (finally) open our eyes to what was hidden before. We love !

Etan Ilfed

Etan Ilfed is also the author of the books Duchamps Vs Einstein and Beyond Contemporary Art. He graduated in physics from Stanford University. Master of chess in the United States, he invented underwater chess.

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The oracle of synchronicities by Etan Ilfed published by Trajectoire –

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