Why am I dreaming of another man? Explanation and meaning

You woke up drenched in sweat, all guilty and confused, because you dreamed of a man other than your own.

Is this a sign that you want to cheat on him? Or that your partner isn’t really your soul mate? Or that you have deep rooted issues in your relationship that you need to address?

We have previously seen the reason why you can have a dream in which your spouse is cheating on you. Today, we stay in this same theme. We are going to explain to you the different reasons that can explain why you think of someone other than your man when you sleep.

You will be amazed at the different reasons available below…

1) You get in touch with your masculine side

The famous psychologist Carl Jung thinks that each of us contains elements of the masculine and the feminine, which he calls the animus and the anima.

For women, getting in touch with their masculine side is part of their fulfillment.

If you dream of a man other than your husband and this dream is not at all romantic or erotic*, it just seems to emphasize that you are dreaming of your male double.

Exploring her male double is a good thing since it means you feel good about your current relationship…

2) You have inner doubts and insecurities

Inner doubts and insecurities often show up in our dreams.

They are a place where the problems and troubles buried within us can come out and express themselves.

If you have doubts about your own relationship or even about men in general, the dream is a way to express them.

Dreaming of another can therefore mean that you doubt the sincerity of your spouse.

It happens regularly when your friend has cheated on you in the past or tends to lie to you…

To solve this problem, you should discuss it with him so that he reassures you about your life together.

3) You overcome your fear of breaking up

If you are deeply in love with your boyfriend in reality, but you are having these dreams, you may actually be afraid that your boyfriend will break up with you and leave you. Fear of abandonment is common, especially if you lack self-confidence.

As above, dialogue is the priority. Talk about it with your companion! Not of the dream of course, but discuss with him your fears for the future.

This way, you can put an end to your worries, your insecurities and your fears at the idea of ​​him separating from you.

You will also be able to express how important it is for you that he commits and devotes himself 100% to your relationship. This will reassure you and allow you to flourish in your relationship…

4) You are in love with someone else

If you dream of a man other than your partner, it may be because you have a crush on someone else and are planning to make the first move.

The dream shows you that this person might be interested in you, and therefore you are considering giving them a chance.

It is also possible that you are dreaming about that other man because you are unhappy with your relationship and want to explore other options.

Reflect on your relationship and ask yourself if your needs are being met.

Would you think or dream of someone else if you were completely satisfied? Probably not !

It’s over. We have reviewed the different reasons that could explain the dreams you have. To go further, we recommend the video available below!

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Why am I dreaming of another man? Explanation and meaning

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