Zodiac sign most likely to have a one-night stand, according to astrologers

Maybe you banter with someone at a bar and spend the night with them, only to have them ignore you the next day. Or you meet someone on a first date, only to be rejected a week later. It turns out that some people just aren’t cut out for monogamy.

According to astrologers, this trait can often be determined by their zodiac sign. Astrologers tell us which signs are most likely to have a one-night stand, from moderate flirters to experts in picking up fast.

6 – Aries

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries likes to be fast. That means they’re quick to jump in on a project at work, claim first place in the queue at the airport, and, it turns out, jump into a stranger’s bed.

Aries is a very passionate sign, known for throwing headlong into something and moving on once it has run its course, which is often quicker for them than for others.“, explains Kayana Rich.

Bonus points if they can get their one night stand in and out of their apartment within hours.

5 – Leo

These Leos are easily distracted by new and shiny things. So if an attractive person crosses their path, they might be inclined to take them home.
» Leos are naturally flirtatious and often don’t take commitment seriously because they see everyone as players or just not in the mood to settle down. “, explains Kayana Rich.

Leo men tend to love deeply but can use past hurts to discourage them from committing, while Leo women tend to want to have fun until they’re ready to settle down, notes Kayana Rich. You can expect them to go from adventure to adventure waiting to find their best fit.

4 – Fish

Pisces aren’t big on monogamy, so one-night stands come naturally to them.

Pisces men will usually stick with someone out of habit, but they’ll also entertain someone else or several others to fill in what the main person isn’t.“, says Kayana Rich. ” Pisces women are afraid of getting involved with the wrong person, so as long as they’re in the mood for fun or recovering from heartbreak, they’ll have this one-night stand for fun. . »

Hey, they have to get their needs met somehow.

3 – Aqarius

Aquarius, the third sign of the air element zodiac, is experimental and would be the first to question monogamy and tradition in general.“, explains Fernanda Paiva. ” They tend to be rebellious and very independent, generally finding it easier to have several “friends” rather than committing to just one person. »

What’s more, they’ve probably read plenty of essays and books on the idea of ​​sexual freedom. Expect them to have strong opinions on romance.

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2 – Gemini

Geminis are easily engaged, enjoy being social, and are open to new experiences.“, explains Fernanda Paiva. ” It’s their natural instincts and good communication skills that easily lead them to flirtatious banter and sometimes straight to the bedroom with great ease. »

They will use these communication and psychology skills to find romantic partners wherever they are. The grocery store, gas station, and local bar are all places where they can identify a potential mate.

1 – Scorpio

Scorpio, the sign with the highest libido, always plays to win, and this is also true for one-night stands. ” Scorpios are naturally flirtatious people, and they love to flirt, even if it means innocently.“, says Kayana Rich.

Members of this sign are often non-monogamous, but their partners are not always aware of these additional partners (in other words, they are quite likely to cheat). ” Scorpio men usually flirt for fun, while Scorpio women intentionally seek out the perfect one-night stand.“, adds Kayana Rich.

They can manipulate someone into buying them drinks all night, set their sights on a friend’s ex, or just want to bring home the sexiest person of the night. Whoever they choose, you can be sure will stay for the night.

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Zodiac sign most likely to have a one-night stand, according to astrologers

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