What are the effects of Jupiter in retrograde on your sign?

Since the democratization of astrology, the term “ retrograde » causes stupor and tremors. But a retrograde is not a dangerous phenomenon in itself, it is enough just to know how to apprehend this period. Since July 28, it is Jupiter, planet of luck, which retrogrades in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. But what does this mean for the signs?

What does Jupiter mean in retrograde?

Jupiter retrograde, which takes place from July 28, will last until November 23. Currently in retrograde in the sign of Ram, the planet will move into Pisces from October 28th. So, yes, a four-month retrograde can be scary, especially since Jupiter is the lucky planet. Retrograde in Pisces from October 28, she is said to be exalted, since she governs this sign. Thus, it will transport us to the unknown realms. In Aries, on the other hand, we will feel a great need for introspectionbut also action.

What will be the impact of Jupiter’s retrograde?

Jupiter began its retrograde in Aries on July 28 and will move back into Pisces on October 28. On November 23, Jupiter’s retrograde will end and the planet will resume its direct course, but it will remain in Pisces. Jupiter being a distant planet, this planetary transit will give us the opportunity to carry out a work of introspection which will take some time. During its retrograde in Pisces, the planet of luck can help us to make our dreams and aspirations a reality. On December 21, Jupiter will return to Aries, where it will remain until May 16, 2023. Thus, we can create our own luckwhether it’s work or love.

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What effect will Jupiter’s retrograde have on the signs?

Synonymous with reflection and growth, retrogrades force us to reconsider and take the time to think about what we want. But they can also be synonymous with joy! The only thing that matters is to prepare for it to better welcome these periods of introspection. Here are the areas where the signs will feel the effects of this retrograde:

  • Aries: The natives of Aries will have to refocus on their projects and their relationships.
  • Bull : self-expression, transformations then career
  • Gemini: When Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries, it will affect Gemini’s important friendships and relationships, then when it moves into Pisces, professional life.
  • Cancer : professional life and business
  • Leo: values ​​and education then sexual energy and the transformation
  • Virgo: Relationships
  • Libra: Partnerships
  • Scorpio: routine, work and values
  • Sagittarius: first self-expression then domestic life
  • Capricorn : home, roots and past
  • Aquarius: communication then money and possessions
  • Pisces: financial opportunities then passions and important projects

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What are the effects of Jupiter in retrograde on your sign?

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