Astrology: Here’s how the April 1, 2022 new moon will turn your life upside down (and it’s not an April Fool’s joke) – Grazia

Spring is coming and the beautiful days grace us with their presence, it’s a time to take advantage of to try to relive like Nature around us who is starting to pack up her yesterday’s clothes to take out her most summer-like outfit. . This poetic parenthesis closed, really take advantage of this week to take stock or to close certain things for you, because we are coming to the end of the week at the end of the cycle which opens the door to the first New Moon of the year in the sign of Aries! This New Moon falls on the 1er April, and come to honor as much the energies of Aries, a sign in which the Sun & the Moon come together as those of Pisces, with absolutely no relation to the April Fools of the 1er for those wondering.

It’s time to move on to another plane of consciousness

It is during this cycle that the culmination of the year will be reached, a point materialized by the meeting of Jupiter & Neptune in the sign of Pisces. These two planets are the “masters” of this sign and can here express their most beautiful energies as freely as possible (but where you find the best, you can also potentially find the worst right next to it…) These are energies that we are lucky to live once in our lifetime; Neptune takes about 165 years to complete a full revolution, and Neptune and Jupiter come together every 12 years, the time it takes Jupiter to complete one revolution around the Sun. So unless your life expectancy is abnormally high, you are not likely to have the chance to experience its energies there again!

Between these energies which invite us to transcend a human dimension on the level concerned in our Natal theme, the current energies closer to us, invite us to initiate, to launch, to take initiatives to work on a scale potentially greater than that which we were used to before. It is fundamentally important to continue to question one’s inner motivations as well as our way of functioning in order to understand how it is possible to integrate the energies of the moment in the form of a wisdom which must guide us on our Path of Life, Conjunction of Venus, Mars, Saturn in Square to the Lunar Nodes.

It is important for this to understand what animates us internally, as much the most beautiful intentions and spiritual energies of the moment, as the fears and the associated blockages which can hold us back, around the Black Moon. Understanding & awareness in the foreground, will help us to better understand what our soul can blow to us at this moment… This is one of the most important Moons of the year (with the Full moon partner of April 16), so not to be missed, before the next one which will be just as hectic if not more…

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Astrology: Here’s how the April 1, 2022 new moon will turn your life upside down (and it’s not an April Fool’s joke) – Grazia

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